Flying Stars Update – July 2019

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7th July – 7th August 2019  

In each of the 9 grids below you will see two numbers. These are the so-called “Flying Stars”. The number on the upper left represents the annual star (red = afflictive, blue = auspicious – these should have been taken care of at the beginning of the year) and the black number in the bottom right represents the monthly star, which will influence your luck during this current month.

If you are not yet familiar with the compass orientations of your home, then please use a reliable compass to take the directions. I recommend to take one compass reading from your main door, looking out, and another one from the center of your living room, looking towards your balcony or picture window. These two readings should enable you to determine the compass directions and locations of your home, so you can ascertain which stars fly into which area.

Please take particular note of the location of your front door and your master bedroom, as the stars in those sectors will affect you the most.

July 2019 Flying Stars chart


Dark, heavy clouds of bad energy are accumulating in the SE this month, with the No 5 Misfortune Star joining the annual Robbery Star. This can lead to health problems and danger of violent theft or burglary.

Display a 5 Element Pagoda to control the negative energy. The misfortune chi can cause complications or injuries to the liver area. This can be remedied with a Healing Herbs Wu Lou placed in your SE.

Excessive worrying can lead to further problems. There will be heated arguments in the household as the bad chi affects the mouth.

If your entrance is located in the SE, display a pair of Blue Rhino and Elephant or an Anti-Burglary Lumi Tile to protect your home.

SOUTH (3/1)

The mood in the SOUTH brightens up as the No 1 Star moves in, bringing with it the luck of career advancement, promotions and fruitful business opportunities.

You can enhance these positive vibes by displaying a Victory Banner. Those staying in the SOUTH are likely to experience changes in their lives.

Be aware of the conflict energy though brought by the annual No 3 Star, which brings heartache caused by gossip and lies, as well as the possibility of legal problems. Calm the energy with a pair of Bejewelled Red Tzi Chi Kau or a picture of the Scarlet Lotus Buddha.

Those with bedrooms in the SOUTH and those born in the Year of the Horse are also advised to carry a Peace Apple amulet or a Tzi Chi Kau Red Dog amulet to keep the aggressive energy away. Keep calm and carry on!


More dark clouds are brewing in the SW as the No 3 Conflict Star joins the annual Misfortune Star. This is indeed ominous and needs to be cured with a 5 Element Pagoda or a 5 Element Bell.

Disputes over money might lead to bad business luck. If your main door or your office entrance is located in the SW, it is better to avoid signing new deals or entering into new partnerships with outsiders. Severe cashflow problems are indicated.

Keep this area as quiet as possible this month and stay away from it as much as you can. No parties here and keep the music/TV at low volume.

Display 6 Red Peace Apples or a Happy Laughing Buddha to subdue the conflict energy.

EAST (6/4)

The EAST is a lucky sector this month, with the stars forming the auspicious “Sum of Ten”. The good luck will bring romance or creative writing achievements, which is great news for those in a writing profession and students. Those staying in the EAST can also enjoy unexpected financial gains.

You can activate the good fortune by displaying 6 Big Smooth Coins or 6 Chinese Emperor Coins. Those of you who have exams coming up can boost their luck with a Crystal Point with Mantra or a Wisdom Pagoda.

There might be problems with the neck though. If this is a concern, you can boost your health with the Bejewelled Lucky Tortoise.

CENTRE (8/6)

This is one of the best combinations you can have, bringing prosperity and popularity luck to those staying in the Centre. There will also be plenty of opportunities to advance in business.

You can boost this fabulous luck with 6 Crystal Balls and a Bejewelled Pair of Carp displayed in your Centre. If your main entrance door is located in the Centre, keep it well lit at all times.

Romance luck is not that great though and you might need to keep looking for that love … You can display a Wedding Sedan Chair to help bring you new luck in love, or choose a pair of pretty Love Birds to rekindle your existing relationship.

WEST (1/8)

Another lucky sector is the WEST, which enjoys wonderful prosperity luck this month! This will be a good time to advance your career or expand your business. Wealth prospects are excellent. Those born in the Year of the Rooster and those with bedrooms or main doors in the WEST can look forward to fabulous financial luck.

Take advantage of the excellent stars and enhance prosperity luck with a 5 Element Victory Banner and a Wealth Vase.

There is a small downside with possible sibling rivalry for those staying in the WEST. To avoid unnecessary arguments, you can display a Manjushri Flaming Sword or hang a Happy Laughing Buddha picture.


The monthly No 9 Star will strengthen the illness energy in the NE, which is of course not good! If you are born in the years of the Ox or Tiger, please look out for your health.

A good cure will be to display a Bejewelled Medicine Buddha in your NE and those of you with bedrooms or main doors in the NE are also advised to carry an Anti-Illness amulet and place a Healing Herbs Wu Lou on their bedside table. The same goes for the Ox and Tiger.

Pregnant women should sleep in a different bedroom this month if possible.

Keep this area quiet and if you can’t help spending a lot of time here it would be wise to lie low these next few weeks.


NORTH (4/2)

The monthly Illness Star particularly affects internal organs, especially the abdominal region. Those staying in the NORTH and people born in the Year of the Rat need to be particularly careful.

Display a Healing Herbs Wu Lou in your NORTH and those people mentioned above ought to carry an Anti-Illness amulet too to protect their health.

The energy is still supportive of academic achievements and literary success though and you can enhance this with the Dragon Carp Stamp for Education Success. Students can also carry a Scholastic Success amulet if they need help.

A word of warning for married women: there is danger of new female companionship for men, and husbands might succumb to the temptation of extra-marital romances. To protect your marriage, you can wear a Marriage Saver Amethyst Pendant or display a Trident with Peach Blossom Music Tree in your NORTH.


The NW is a dangerous place this month with the violent No 7 Star bringing the threat of robbery, betrayal and financial loss.

Place an Anti-Burglary Mountain with Secret Mantra or an Anti-Burglary Lumi Tile in this sector to control the negative energy. If your main door is located in the NW, all family members should carry an Anti-Burglary amulet for protection. A yang water feature will be excellent to help protect against the danger of accidental fire which might be caused by human negligence.

Source: World of Feng Shui

29 June 2019

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