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We do not see it, but we feel it as soon as we enter a room. Good energy (or "Chi") is essential for a harmonious life where things go well and dreams can come true. Let the energy flow freely in your home. Don't let it stagnate.

Feng Shui is about this energy. It is not about re-arranging your furniture (at least not at this stage). It is about optimizing the energy flow in your home, which in turn influences many aspects of your life.

Good Feng Shui can help you advance in your career, it can help you or your children achieve good exam results, or bring you the love of your life if this is what you are looking for. It can also help you clear any obstacles in your life, improve your health, or dissolve quarrels, thereby paving your path for increased wealth, health and happiness. read more...




Before You Buy
or Rent

For those of you who are house hunting, be it for buying or renting, an important first step is to ensure that the home you are looking at is actually suitable for you and your family.

Feng Shui for Business

The workplace should ideally provide a positive and conducive working environment where employees are motivated and carry out their jobs efficiently.

Feng Shui Focus Consultation for HomesFeng Shui Focus Consultation for HomesFeng Shui Focus Consultation for Homes
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When your home has good Feng Shui and good energy it will support you in many ways. You will be successful in just about everything you do and good luck will come to you. Don't we all wish for this?
Let Feng Shui Focus help you to create balance in your home, find your prosperity sector, and
discover how to maximize your wealth potential!



  • Sunset Over Gentle Ocean
  • Sailing
  • Sunset with Kite Surfer
  • Crab Catching
  • Sapa Rice Terraces

I believe strongly in achieving harmony with my surroundings. So this time around when we shifted residences we decided that appointing a Feng Shui consultant would be a good option. ...

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