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For centuries Feng Shui has been so important in Asia that many successful businessmen would not consider building or buying new property without first consulting a Feng Shui expert on its location and architecture. With its worldwide popularisation in recent years Feng Shui is now increasingly being practised in the Western world and being successfully applied by Western businesses. Just look at Richard Branson, Bill Gates and Donald Trump.

The workplace should ideally provide a positive and conducive working environment where employees are motivated and carry out their jobs efficiently.


A Feng Shui consultation for your business is particularly useful if
you are:

  • starting up a new business
  • planning to renovate your business premises
  • planning to restructure
  • looking to expand your business.


Simple applications of Feng Shui can help to:

  • increase productivity and improve workflow
  • create a more positive and supportive working environment
  • promote teamwork
  • protect against losses and clear obstacles
  • attract new business opportunities and increase profits.


A Feng Shui audit of your business premises includes:

  • a site visit of approximately 2 hours
  • analysis of property interior
  • analysis of good and bad directions for up to 4 senior staff
  • recommendations of favourable directions and locations
  • full written report including recommendations on changes to be made.


Please provide floor plans and the dates of birth before the agreed visit.

If you have further questions or would like a quotation please contact Feng Shui Focus.