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I met British artist Clare Haxby when she lived in Singapore. It was one of her “open house” days when she would open her art studio, which was located in a beautiful colonial Black & White house, to visitors.

I felt an immediate connection with her art. I loved the way she portrayed some of Singapore’s unique landmarks in vibrant colours. Her Buddha collection and the Botanical series equally spoke to me.  

The generous use of bright colours make Clare Haxby’s paintings and fine art prints ideal objects to enhance the Feng Shui of your home.

I have chosen a few of Clare’s pieces of art and would like to explain how you can use them (aka where you need to hang them) to unleash their Feng Shui powers and to enhance the auspicious energy in your home.

Each piece also includes Clare’s own description of her work and a direct link to her on-line shop if you wish to place an order. You will be ordering directly from Clare Haxby and not through me. Please note that the prices for Clare's artwork are quoted in Pound Sterling (British Pounds) as she is based in the UK. 

Rooster - £149.00 GBP

'Rooster' was inspired by the wild rooster or jungle fowl found widely in Bali and even still found in the kampong or Jungle patches of Singapore. Since antiquity the rooster has been, and still is, a sacred animal in some cultures and deeply embedded within various religious belief systems and religious worship. In Southeast Asia, understandings and interpretations of indigenous beliefs of the veneration of spirits and deities remain strong. Animist beliefs extend to the rooster and the cockfight, a popular form of fertility worship among almost all Southeast Asians. 

Artist Signed Print A2 = 594 x 420 mm.

The Feng Shui Connection:  

Obviously, in the Year of the Rooster you will see many Roosters around! I love this beautiful Rooster print. In 2017, you can actually display a Rooster anywhere in your home to activate the energies of this auspicious bird. By doing so you are inviting plenty of good fortune into your home as the Rooster opens opportunities for wealth creation.

This year, 2017, anyone can benefit from the good fortune luck brought by the Rooster but it is especially helpful for those born in the Years of the Dragon, Ox and Snake, as they have an astrological affliliation with the Rooster.



Flyer By The Gardens On The Bay - £249.00 GBP

The industrial steel flyer rotating like a fairground wheel in the Singapore humidity next to the curved Cloud Forest structures and the topiary Super Trees of the Gardens on the Bay. Clare works in acrylic paint, mono-print and with paint markers to create unique paintings of Singapore. 

Artist Signed Fine Art Print - Unframed 84 x 59 cm
Giclee Print on 310gsm German Hahnemuhle Paper
Limited Edition Print of 250 

The Feng Shui Connection:

The different shades of blue in this Singapore Flyer painting are ideal to enhance the water element in a sector where it is needed. As we all know, the Flyer never stands still and its constant movement creates excellent yang energy.

In 2017, the SE and the EAST areas of your home or living room would greatly benefit from this piece of art as it will enhance the wealth creating energies of the year. Here in Singapore everybody knows that the Singapore Flyer brings wealth to the city state of Singapore – let it also bring wealth to your own home!




Scarlet Lotus Buddha - £249.00 GBP

Scarlet Lotus Buddha' is part of a 'Meditative Art' series exhibited in Singapore. The Lotus Flower represents enlightenment and self-acceptance. The color resonates with the Base or Root of Chakra where we connect with individual integrity - our link to the physical world and how we feel 'grounded'. The Root Chakra is the foundation of creative and physical energy.

Artist Signed Fine Art Print - Unframed 84 x 59 cm.

Giclee Print on 310gsm German Hahnemuhle Paper

The Feng Shui Connection:  

Here in Asia, the Buddha is a very popular and much loved symbol of peace, serenity and wisdom. Figures and images of the enlightened Buddha take centre stage in many homes and public places.

I love Clare’s Scarlet Lotus Buddha because of the unusual mixture of the vibrant shades of red combined with the serenity of the Buddha.  

In 2017, I can see this painting working wonders in the WEST sector which is plagued by the annual Conflict Star. As the name suggests, the Conflict Star brings aggressive energy, causing arguments and fights that can easily escalate into violence. You need strong fire energy to subdue this affliction. This could be a bright light or, in fact, a red painting! The Scarlet Lotus Buddha has both – the fiery red colours that subdue the tension and aggression and the peaceful Buddha who restores harmony and love.