İstanbul Ayasofya Cami
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Golden Dragon – S$68

A must have and a personal favourite of mine. The Chinese have long believed in the power of the Dragon to bring wealth, success, courage and confidence. It is also said to bring good fortune for business as it protects from bad decisions and attracts new business deals.

Every home and business should have one!  

This beautiful Golden Dragon can be placed in a prominent position anywhere in your home or business. Having said that, in 2017 the EAST is the most auspicious location.

Measurements: approx L 8cm x H 5.5cm
Weight: approx 108gr



8-Rod Water Droplet Windchime – S$68

In 2017, the No 8 Prosperity Star flies into the EAST, bringing fabulous wealth and prosperity luck to EAST-facing houses and those with bedrooms in the EAST. 

Featuring a water wave and 8 water droplets, this windchime is specially designed to capter the wealth energy of the No 8 Star. Hang it in the EAST of your home or in the EAST of your living room or near your front door if you house is facing EAST. 

Length of windchime: approx 38cm including chain

In 2017, highly recommended for:
•    Houses facing EAST
•    Those born in the Year of the Rabbit
•    Anyone who wishes to enhance his wealth and prosperity luck!





Wind Horse Canvas Print – S$88

The Wind Horse is a very potent symbol originating from the old Tibetan Buddhism. The magical Wind Horse will activate your personal success luck and attract recognition and promotion luck. It will also assist you in enhancing your inner vitality and good fortune while protecting you against hostile forces.  

In addition to the magical Wind Horse, this canvas print also features the four Great Kings in the four cardinal directions, and the four celestial protectors in the four diagonal corners. Powerful seed syllables and mantras surround the image. The muted colours make this a really contemporary piece of art.

All animal signs can benefit from the Wind Horse. For animal signs whose personal success luck is strong, the Wind Horse will enhance their good fortune. In years when your personal success luck is weak or you are facing obstacles, the Wind Horse will boost your energy levels and ensure that success can nevertheless be achieved.  

This year, 2017, the Centre area would be a particularly auspicious place for the Wind Horse canvas print, but it can be hung anywhere in your home or office. 

In 2017, the Wind Horse is especially recommended for: 
•    The Rabbit, Horse and Rooster – to help them overcome the difficulties they are facing.
•    The Tiger, Sheep, Monkey and Dog – to boost their life force and success luck.

Measurements: 30cm x 30cm x 3cm