8 Feng Shui Ways to Use Faceted Crystals

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faceted crystalYou see them in all sorts of places, Feng Shui shops (of course), gift shops and décor shops. The hanging faceted crystal can be used in many ways to enhance your Feng Shui or to cure a particular Feng Shui problem. The most common use is probably to have it hanging in a window, catching the precious sunlight and giving off a beautiful rainbow of colours to lift up the energy in an otherwise stagnant room.

But there are plenty of other situations where a faceted crystal can work magic.

1. Slow down fast Chi

If you have a long corridor or stairs that face a doorway there is danger that the energy is moving too fast, thereby making it unpleasant and dangerous. Hanging a faceted crystal here is an effective way to slow down the Chi. This is particularly helpful in cases where the stairs are close to the main door or if the front door is in straight alignment with the back door or a back window.

When the front door is in a straight line with the back door (or a back window) the energy comes in and goes straight out of the house again rather than moving into the other rooms. This means, your money will come and go too! Hanging a faceted crystal between the two doors will help cure this, it will slow down the Chi and help disperse it to other areas of the home. If there is a long corridor between the front and back door (window), hang several crystals in between. The same goes if your stairs lead straight to a door, especially if this is your main door.

2. Stop clashing elements

A faceted crystal is also an ideal cure for clashing energies in the kitchen. When the stove and sink are located opposite each other, the fire and water element are clashing which can lead to heavy arguments between the man and the woman of the household. Hanging a faceted crystal (this can be clear, yellow or gold) between stove and sink will absorb the excessive energies and help create peace and harmony.

3. Counter poison arrows

If there are any poison arrows hitting your bed or your desk, eg caused by a sharp corner, hanging a faceted crystal between the corner and your bed/desk will disperse the Chi.

4. Boost mentor and helpful friends luck

According to the Eight Aspirations formula of Feng Shui, the NW relates to the luck of mentors and helpful friends. Placing or hanging a crystal in your NW will therefore help you find mentors, attract business and travel opportunities, and bring helpful friends into your life whenever you need them. The best colours for the NW are white, yellow or purple crystals.

5. Calm the aggressive No 3 Star

The aggressive No 3 Star (annual or monthly) can be the cause of heated arguments between family members, neighbours or business associates, which can even lead to court cases. Adding a red crystal will help calm the tempers.

6. Enhance love luck

Singles looking for love can hang a pink crystal in the SW corner of their living room or bedroom, or in a SW facing window, to activate their love luck.

7. Promote concentration

If you feel you just can’t think straight and your thoughts get all tangled up then it is a good idea to add a crystal to your work or study desk. This is a particularly useful tip for children and students. The crystal will help improve concentration and clear thoughts.

8. Arguing doors

Doors in a corridor that are opposite each other are called “arguing doors”. Often you will find that the inhabitants of these rooms argue a lot! Hanging a faceted crystal between the affected doors can help stop the bickering and and arguing and restore peace in the household.

Faceted crystals come in many colours and of course you can use them in many parts of your home, even if you don’t have any of the eight situations listed above. When purchasing a crystal, it is useful if the crystal has a red string attached as that will help activate the crystal.

As for the colour of the crystal, please check out the guide below:

Gold enhances earth corners (SW, NE and the Centre), relationships when placed in the SW and helpful people in the NW
Green enhances wood sectors (SE and E) and the wealth area
Purple enhances the wealth and prosperity sector SE
Red enhances fame and reputation in the SOUTH
Pink enhances the marriage, woman, love & romance, and the relationship corner (SW for all)
Blue enhances career luck in the NORTH, wealth in the SE and health in the EAST
Clear enhances any space

It is always good to wash your crystal after purchase and let it sit in sunlight for at least four hours before hanging or placing it in your space. This will remove old energies and re-charge the crystal with clean, clear sun energy, ready to enhance the space you have chosen for it.

27 March 2017

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