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It is an exciting time when school starts again after a long summer holiday. Most of the children look forward to seeing their friends again, but for some students (and parents?), this could be a reason for sleepless nights.

Will I be able to do well this year?

Will we get a lot of homework?

Will the new students in my class be nice?

Will I manage to cope with the challenges?

Will I be able to improve my grades?

All these questions and more might be going through many heads.

Girl with books and school bag_Feng Shui Focus Tips

Did you know that Feng Shui can help you ease the stress and achieve academic success?

Here are 6 tips how you can help your child have a great start into the new school year and success throughout.

1. Start the new school year with lots of fresh energy.

Get new notebooks and pencils ready for your child’s first day back at school and, if need be, buy a new school bag. This will symbolize a fresh start into the new academic year.

Notebook and colouring pens_Feng Shui Focus Tips

2. Organise the school papers to help keep school clutter to a minimum, otherwise it will soon become too oppressive.

  • keep all school books in a designated space per student/child.
  • Put all the things needed for school work into another specific space (eg near their study desk).
  • Donate any books that don’t fit into their current lifestyle any more.
  • Except for the most recent issues, recycle all magazines, catalogues and circulars.

3. Activate the Education Sector

Find the NE sector of your child’s bedroom as this represents “Education Luck” according to the Eight Aspirations Formula of Feng Shui. Take the compass reading while standing in the middle of the room. Once located, activate the NE area with one of the following auspicious symbols:

  • A crystal globe – and twirl this daily. The NE sector belongs to the earth element and twirling the globe represents “big earth”, thereby activating this sector for study and academic luck, and fun for your child too!
  • A crystal point with wisdom mantra – every student should own a personal study crystal to energize for academic achievement. Let your child choose the crystal themselves as it should feel comfortable in their hand. They can hold the facetted crystal point when studying and place it in the NE of their desk when they are not using it. Using a study crystal keeps them focused and is said to improve their memory.
  • A study amulet to keep in their pencil case or attached to their school bag.
  • The abacus and brush is often used together – the abacus symbolizes intelligence whereas the brush symbolizes creativity.
  • A figure of a carp crossing over the dragon gate – symbolizing scholastic success of the highest kind.
  • A 7-level pagoda is an excellent energizer to help with concentration.
  • A figure of Luo Han, one of the 18 Chinese saints, this wise sage brings auspicious luck related to studies, strategy and academic rank and is highly recommended for school or college-going children.

Bejewelled Louhan for Exams Luck_Feng Shui Focus Tips

4. Get a picture of a mentor

If your child needs a bit of help with a particular subject, hanging a picture of a famous and successful person related to that subject in your child’s bedroom might help!

Einstein_Feng Shui Focus TipsFor example, for help with maths, use a picture of Einstein, who is known for his genius and his theory of relativity. If you need inspiration in arts, hang a portrait of a famous artist such as Henri Matisse. Looking at this picture every day, the person becomes a mentor to your child, and of course it is best to choose someone your child admires or can relate to. However, when picking such a mentor, please select someone who has led a happy life and don’t choose a tragic genius.

5. Check the orientation of your child’s study desk and choose the best possible facing direction

According to the Eight Mansions formula of Feng Shui, each person has four auspicious and four inauspicious directions, based on their date of birth. For studying, the best direction to use is your child’s “Personal Growth” or the “Sheng Chi/Success” direction.

Girl at desk with Laptop_Feng Shui Focus Tips

6. Check your child’s room for poison arrows.

Sharp corners or open shelves can send out poison arrows, which can cause discomfort and illness. Have a good look around your child’s room and ensure he/she is not hit by any poison arrows while sitting at their desk or sleeping in their bed.

Now you are ready for the new academic year.

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