Here I have illustrated a few situations that may be familiar to many people and how they can be improved with practical and easy feng shui solutions. It makes interesting reading and gives useful tips on how to deal with real-life situations. I will update this page regularly so make sure to visit again!

How to Improve Sleep
How to Improve Sleep

My client’s two children are sharing a beautiful, large bedroom. However, their son was a very bad sleeper and used to wake up every night. I saw two problems with the son’s sleeping position. Firstly, he was lacking support by not having his head facing a solid wall. Secondly, there was…Read More.

How to Calm an Unruly Child

Sometimes children can be a handful. However, the arrangement of their bedroom is one way of positively influencing their behaviour and well being. This young boy’s bedroom was in the East sector of the house. One wall was painted lime green, his favourite colour. Curtains and…Read More.

Adjusting your child's room
Adjusting Your Child’s Room as He/She Grows

My middle son had a number of health issues during our first two years in Singapore. Fortunately, these were nothing major, just the usual colds and upset stomachs and the odd ear infection, but it was enough for me to be warned…Read More.