Marriage Comb
Happy Marriage Comb
The Happy Marriage Comb has been designed to protect your marriage from troublesome third parties. Featuring the celestial Dragon and Phoenix, this comb is a symbol of a happy and successful marriage. The Dragon and Phoenix are considered the perfect couple and the perfect balance of Yin and Yang, where neither dominates over the other. The symbolism also includes the children of the couple, who will be devoted and bring a good name to the family. This comb will strengthen your marriage and protect against infidelity. It also makes an ideal wedding gift! All homes who place great importance on marriage and family will benefit from having the Happy Marriage Comb on display in the CENTRE. [spacer height="20px"]
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Romance Comb lifestyle
Romance Comb
Are you looking for a new love? Then this golden Romance Comb will be your favourite new Feng Shui enhancer. The comb features the Chinese Double Happiness Symbol and a pair of Mandarin Ducks. Mandarin Ducks mate for life and are said to be inconsolable if they lose their partner, hence they have long been a very powerful symbol to attract long-lasting love. In addition to helping you find your soulmate, the Romance Comb also helps to cement an existing relationship and making sure the partners stay content and happy. [spacer height="20px"]
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Magical Cosmic Apple Amulet Lifestyle
Magical Cosmic Apple Amulet
This Magical Cosmic Apple Amulet features the anti-argument amulet, which dissolves conflict and stops disagreements from flaring up and getting out of control, complemented by the anti-gossip amulet, which guards against trouble caused by loose tongues. Red and gold represent the fire and metal elements, which will subdue the argumentative wood energies of the No 3 star, which flies into the SE this year (2023). [spacer height="20px"] Measurements:    approx W 4.5cm x H 4.1cm without chain [spacer height="20px"]
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Double Happiness Tassel square
Double Happiness Tassel
In Asia, the Double Happiness Symbol is the favourite symbol used as a wedding gift. You can see it as beautiful ornaments or pictures, painted on porcelain vases or plates or embroidered in delicate fabrics of cushion covers and more. Hence it has also become a widely popular Feng Shui symbol for everlasting love and happiness, helping couples to maintain and strengthen their loving bond. Beautifully carved in white jade, the Double Happiness Symbol has then been adorned with red beads matching the red tassel, making it a unique and meaningful ornament for your home. Another timeless classic that creates positive energy! Excellent Feng Shui uses for the Double Happiness Tassel include:
  • Hung in the SW of your home or bedroom to strengthen the loving bond between a couple.
  • Hung in the SE, to activate the No 4 Love & Romance Star in 2022.
  • Also for singles who are looking for a suitable partner.
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Mystic Knot Tassel
Mystic Knot Tassel
The Mystic Knot is an all-time favourite Feng Shui enhancer, and a real classic too! Containing multiple infinity symbols, the Mystic Knot is seen as a powerful symbol of a long and happy life blessed with richness and good fortune. It is also widely used as a symbol of everlasting love and togetherness, as well as being a potent symbol of protection. The Mystic Knot is carved in white jade and beautifully decorated with colourful beads matching the colour of the tassel. Each piece is hand-made and unique. Bring love, peace and good fortune into your home with this gorgeous tassel! Currently available in red and gold. [spacer height="20px"]
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Pink Peony
The Peony flower is one of the best Feng Shui symbols to enhance love and romance. It is one of the most sensual flowers with a delicious scent and is often considered a metaphor for female beauty. The blossoming peonies also signify growth and encourage positive feelings. All the symbols in this print blend together beautifully, evoking a feeling of beauty, grace and sensuality, while the floral patterns and Singapore-style shophouse in the background add a sense of romance and nostalgia. From S$440.00 Please note that the “BUY PRODUCT” button will take you straight to Louise Hill’s website where you can purchase the artwork. [spacer height="20px"]