Here I have illustrated a few situations that may be familiar to many people and how they can be improved with practical and easy feng shui solutions. It makes interesting reading and gives useful tips on how to deal with real-life situations. I will update this page regularly so make sure to visit again!

Healthy Family - Happy Family
Healthy Family – Happy Family!

As soon as I saw my client’s floor plan I was concerned about the missing areas. During my visit she told me that both she and her husband had been having health problems since the time they moved into this apartment and that their older son had developed allergies and was also falling sick…Read More.

Sleepless Nights_
Sleepless Nights

Sleepless nights can have many reasons. Never mind the late cup of coffee or some personal problems and worries that can have you tossing and turning at night. Sleepless nights can also be attributed to bad Feng Shui: an unfavourable sleeping direction or so-called poison arrows…Read More.