Pre-purchase and pre-rental assessments

For those of you who are house hunting, be it for buying or renting, an important first step is to ensure that the home you are looking at is actually suitable for you and your family. To do this, we will check if your good directions are compatible with the house/apartment and make suggestions as to how you can use your best directions to gain the most benefit. This is important as it influences both your personal and your professional life. We will also identify any potential shortcomings in the house/apartment that you should be aware of and how these might affect you (eg missing areas in irregular floor plans).

Simply send us the floor plan by e-mail as a pdf file, together with the dates of birth of all family members. The floor plan needs to clearly indicate the compass directions.

A short assessment report will be e-mailed back to you with our recommendations and we will be available to answer any questions you may have.

If you would like further information or a quotation please contact Feng Shui Focus.

Door Knob
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