2023 Annual Amulet with 5 Stars front
2023 Annual Amulet with 5 Stars
The year 2023 has five auspicious hidden stars in the Paht Chee chart.
  • The Warrior Star, lending strength and bravery
  • The Star of Good Fortune, attracting overall good fortune, happiness and contentment
  • The Star of Prosperity, inviting wealth and success
  • The Golden Carriage Star, giving blessings to all new marriages, and
  • The Star of Scholastic Brilliance, supporting everyone who works towards high academic achievements.
These five stars are represented by the five stars featured on this year’s Annual Amulet. The back of the amulet shows the talisman that attracts abundance and wealth. Carrying this amulet will help you unlock all these auspicious energies and good fortune the year 2023 promises. Highly recommended for EVERYBODY. [spacer height="20px"]
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Three Lions on Drums lifestyle 1
Three Lions on Drums
Dancing lions are a sign of celebration. In Asia, we often see the famous lion dance as part of the opening ceremony of a new business. At Chinese New Year, lion dances are performed to bring all the good luck for the coming year. Displaying these three Chinese lions in your home or office will bring the joyful energies of celebration to your space. They are a wonderful enhancer for recognition luck and are particularly helpful for students and young people who are starting out in their career with the aspiration to make their mark in the world. The lions are also suitable for anyone who needs to get support for a new idea or a new project. Plus, the Three Lions on Drums are perfect to enhance the “Big Auspicious” stars of the year, so in 2023 you can display them in the SE, SOUTH or NORTH for best effect (but not in a bedroom). If you have a particular wish or goal, you can write it on a piece of paper and place it inside the drum! [spacer height="20px"]
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Wisdom Pagoda w Scholastic Talisman front
Wisdom Pagoda with Scholastic Talisman
This new Wisdom Pagoda will boost education luck and great success in exams. It will help you stay disciplined, enhance your brain power, encourage creative thoughts and expand your mind, so it will be easier for you to absorb the subject of your study. This highly symbolic amulet is further enhanced with the Scholastic Talisman. Students of all ages will benefit from carrying this amulet, as well as persons looking to further their professional qualifications or working in research. If you are aiming for top grades in exams, graduating with high honours or a breakthrough in your research, then this Wisdom Pagoda amulet can help you achieve your goals. [spacer height="20px"]
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Talent Star Activator Lifestyle cropped 2 small
Talent Star Activator
This Talent Star activator features the Monkey King “Sun Wu Kong”, who embodies intellectual acumen, wisdom and insight. It is also believed that he was bestowed with supernatural powers with varied abilities and strengths. He was also known to be a master strategist, skilled fighter and practiced tactician. Carrying his image with the talisman for talent and intelligence on the reverse side helps unlock all of one’s hidden talents and abilities, increases creativity and success luck. This keychain is particularly suitable for students and graduates who are embarking on their career, as well as those who want help to uncover their hidden talents. [spacer height="20px"] Measurements:    approx H 5.3cm x W 3.5cm without chain. [spacer height="20px"]
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Dragon Carp Amulet (front) small - Copy
Dragon Carp Amulet
Represents the successful culmination of study and hard work, picturing the humble fish, which turns into a glorious Dragon. This amulet is beneficial for those taking exams in school or at university or looking to achieve great success in their chosen career. Clip to your school bag or keep it in your pencil case. [spacer height="20px"] Measurements:    approx H 5cm x W4.5cm without chain. [spacer height="20px"]
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