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Are you new to Feng Shui? 

Are you curious how Feng Shui could possibly help you?

You are not alone. Many of my clients choose to have a Feng Shui consultation done because they want to make sure that everything is fine in their home and that their home enjoys good energy. At the same time, I also have many clients who are facing challenges in their lives and my Feng Shui consultation has helped them to:

  • Improve their health
  • Find a new job
  • Increase family harmony
  • Conceive a baby
  • Improve academic performance for their children
  • Achieve a promotion.

Helping my clients achieve their goals is the purpose of every single consultation I undertake, and it is my clients’ success and happiness that is my greatest motivation. Since founding Feng Shui Focus in 2011, I have carried out Feng Shui projects in the following countries: Australia, China, France, Germany, Indonesia (Bali), Hong Kong, India, Philippines, SINGAPORE, Switzerland, U.K., and USA.

If I have sparked your interest and you are curious to read more about the workings and benefits of Feng Shui please click here. To find out more about me please hop over to this page.

How Feng Shui has helped others:

“Each year we receive the Annual Feng Shui Update from Feng Shui Focus for our offices in Singapore and Shanghai. In addition to the corporate part the report also includes some basic Feng Shui recommendations for each individual member of staff. This is based on the individual’s birthday and seating direction in the respective office.

I always liked this extra “service” from Feng Shui Focus, but never thought this would be a key element in the attractiveness of our company. We recently had an employee who was considering a move to another company and when I saw the Pro/Con list she had prepared to compare her current job with the new job offer, she had stated the “Annual Individual Feng Shui Assessment” in the PRO section in favour of our company!

I thought this was pretty interesting. A comparatively small spending goes a long way when looking at the overall employment package!”

Mr N Hentschel, Regional MD Asia

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