Here I have illustrated a few situations that may be familiar to many people and how they can be improved with practical and easy feng shui solutions. It makes interesting reading and gives useful tips on how to deal with real-life situations. I will update this page regularly so make sure to visit again!

Setting up a new Office with GOOD Feng Shui
Setting Up a New Office with GOOD Feng Shui

My client is GM Asia Pacific for a European company who manufacture specialized bolt securing systems. Apart from the “usual” business development that comes with expanding into a new country and finding new production locations within Asia, the GM was also charged with…Read More.

My Feng Shui Desk

Even if you are good at multi-tasking and you feel you can work very well on your overcrowded desk, Feng Shui philosophy says that too much clutter will obstruct the energy flow. Of course everybody has their own work style. Some people need a lot of extra space to collect their thoughts , some thrive on the feeling of…Read More.

Originals new entrance with great Feng Shui colors
A new Showroom for Originals Furniture Singapore

It does not happen often that I am invited to give Feng Shui advice for one of my favourite furniture shops in Singapore. So of course I answered with an enthusiastic “Yes” when Geri, the owner of Originals Furniture, called me and asked if I could look at the Feng Shui …Read More.

SingaPURE Arthouse Main Wall-min
SingaPURE Arthouse

I was excited for Sandra Macheroux when she announced the new location of her gallery, so on moving weekend I went to see her at 81 Loewen Road, fully equipped with compass and notepad.The gallery is located in a cute little house in the heart of Loewen Gardens,  …Read More.