Does your desk look like this?
Do you believe in creative chaos?
Even if you are good at multi-tasking and you feel you can work very well on your overcrowded desk, Feng Shui philosophy says that too much clutter will obstruct the energy flow.

Of course everybody has their own work style. Some people need a lot of extra space to collect their thoughts (I actually like the colourful sticky notes on the wall), some thrive on the feeling of being busy which is clearly evident (they think) if their desk is overcrowded. When I lived in London, I was the personal assistant of a main board director. He used to work on many projects at the same time and his desk was always full of piles of paper which he only sorted every six months or so. It was my job to know which project papers were in which pile when he needed them!

A few months ago I moved my “office” to our upstairs family area and this is what my Feng Shui desk looks like:


To set up a work station with good Feng Shui we look at two important formulas:

1. The “Eight Mansions” formula which reveals the person’s auspicious and inaupsicious directions and locations, and
2. The “Eight Aspirations” formula which provides guidance on colour and material choices and where to place utensils and accessories.

I have implemented these two formulas as follows:

Eight Mansions Formula:
  • When working at my desk I am facing NW as this is my “Personal Growth” direction. This, or the “Sheng Chi/Success” direction are the best directions to use for work.
  • My new office is located in the NE sector of the house which is a good area for me.
Eight Aspirations Formula:

Keeping in mind the “small tai chi” of the desk area I have placed the following items:

  • A small water feature to the right of my PC – this is located in the North corner, activating career luck. I do occasionally move the water feature to enhance the monthly wealth star in other locations of our house but I do miss it when it’s not there!
  • Near the water feature I have placed a blue/green Dragon Ru Yi, to boost authority in my professional field.
  • I have chosen a blue pencil holder beause the North belongs to the water element (which is represented by the colour blue).
  • The white paper tray is positioned in the West corner of the desk since the West belongs to the metal element, represented by the colour white. The West is related to creativity luck so it is useful to keep all my current papers and projects there as my work does require a great deal of creativity.
  • Next to the filing tray you can see a metal bell which I ring every now and then to lift the energy.
  • To the left of my seat, in the SW area of the desk, I have placed my calendar and a wedding photo since the SW is connected to relationship luck.
  • In the very left, ie the South corner of the desk, I have placed a desk lamp and a scented candle. The South belongs to the fire element so every time I light the candle or the desk lamp I enhance recognition luck (the aspiration of the South).
  • The wall behind my PC proudly features my Master Practitioner and my Master Consultant certificates and an inspirational “think BIG” sign which I absolutely love. This wall is in the North corner of the room and therefore the best place for professional qualifications and aspirations!

mountainpictureBEHIND my seat I have hung a mountain painting to bring support as well as growth and success in business. This is a piece of art my youngest son created a few years ago in summer camp and I love it! The green and black colours are perfect for this spot as it is the East corner of the room which benefits from wood and the water element. The mountains are even laced with gold, bringing prosperity! (Of course my darling son did not know any of this when he produced this master piece 😉 )

The book shelf is filled with project files and feng shui books. As you can see, everything is arranged neatly along the front edge of the shelves to avoid poison arrows.

I do love my new office space and thoroughly enjoy working here. I hope I have inspired you to look at your own desk with feng shui eyes!

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