My client’s two children are sharing a beautiful, large bedroom. However, their son was a very bad sleeper and used to wake up every night.

Original bedroom arrangement: 

The children’s beds were positioned parallel to each other, the daughter’s bed on the left (as you walk in) and the son’s on the right.

Both children slept facing West. While this was the only good direction for them in this room, it meant neither headboard was placed against a solid wall. This goes against one of the fundamental rules of bedroom feng shui.


I saw two problems with the son’s sleeping position. Firstly, he was lacking support by not having his head facing a solid wall. Secondly, there was a ceiling beam directly above from which poison arrows were hitting his bed.

The daughter’s bed was equally lacking support. In addition, there was an aircon unit on the wall above her bed which compounded the unfavourable situation.


I recommended a heavy curtain with blackout lining be hung from the ceiling beam. This created an improvised wall which not only gave support to the son’s headboard but, at the same time, blocked off the poison arrows which had been hitting his bed.

In the case of the daughter, I recommended that her bed be moved to the opposite wall further down on the right so that her headboard was set against the solid wall by the window. This is an altogether more favourable position for her bed.


As a result of these suggestions both children are very happy to have a more defined personal space in their room. My client reported that her son indeed sleeps much better now – and so does she!

How to Improve Sleep
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