6 Feng Shui Bedroom Tips Everyone Should Know

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Your bedroom is a sacred space. It is also a very private place. It is the place where you relax each night, rest your body and mind and recharge your batteries. It is also the place where romance happens. Your bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. Which makes the Feng Shui of your bedroom very important too!

We all know that good sleep is essential for good health – mentally and physically. So when arranging your bedroom, please take note of these six essential Feng Shui tips:

1. Avoid the Funeral Position

Having your bed placed so that your feet point directly to the door is called the “Funeral Position”. This is an absolute No-No in Feng Shui as it is considered dangerous.

Funeral Position of Bed
View from bedroom door

2. Sleep in one of your good direction

Each person has four good and four bad directions, which are calculated according to your date of birth. Considering that we spend 1/3 of our lives in our bed, it is important that we sleep with our head pointing in one of our good directions!

Anyone suffering from health problems should obviously sleep in his/her “Health” direction. If you are a full-time home-maker, using the “Love” direction is great for you. For children and students, the “Personal Growth” direction is highly recommended.

Save the “Sheng Chi/Success” direction for your workplace, otherwise you might not be able to switch off and find thoughts about work keeping you awake at night.

3. Have a solid wall behind your headboard

It is not a good idea to place your bed in the middle of the room, even if this would enable you to tap into your good direction. Beds should always be placed with the head against a solid wall and have a proper headboard.

Positioning your bed under a window is not recommended either unless you have heavy curtains so you can cover the window when you are sleeping. Otherwise you will lack support and stability in your life.

Bedroom spacious

4. Do not place your bed with the head against a bathroom wall

This is another bedroom No-No, especially if the toilet is located on the other side of the wall. The strong water energies can lead to bad sleep, headaches and even trouble in your marriage and other relationships.

If there is no other way than placing your bed against the bathroom wall, use fire energy as a cure. Paint that wall red or hang a picture in bright hues of red above the bed. Attaching a mirror to the back of the headboard (mirror side towards the bathroom) will also help to push back the negative energy.

Red Ginger Lilies by Clare Haxby
“My Beautiful Ginger Lily” by Clare Haxby

5. Look out for poison arrows

Poison arrows are particularly disturbing in your bedroom as you are most vulnerable when you sleep. Please check that you are not hit by any poison arrows when you are in bed. Poison arrows are created by sharp corners or sharp objects such as sharp corners of cabinets or other furniture items, protruding corners, edges from structural beams or overhead beams.

If this is an issue in your bedroom, find a way to cover, camouflage or soften the sharp corners or move your bed.

bedroom poison arrows

My clients who suffered from poison arrows caused by the handwash basin in their en-suite bathroom reported an immediate improvement in their sleep as soon as they had covered the glass wall with a curtain.

6. Water in a bedroom can cause loss

Water features may be calming and relaxing, but not something to have in a bedroom. This includes pictures and art featuring water scenes like rivers, ponds, the sea, beach, waves, or waterfalls. Having water in your bedroom may lead to money loss.

Bedroom with water pics

14 October 2019

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