A private Feng Shui talk for HOI Singapore

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It was a real pleasure to meet a group of 26 Dutch ladies this morning for my talk “Create your Happy Home with Feng Shui”, held at The Cinnamon Room.

HOI Singapore is an organisation that helps Dutch newcomers settle in their new country (aka Singapore) by offering practical help, friendship and social activities. I felt honoured to be invited to present a Feng Shui talk to this lovely group, and of course I was delighted to have Visha host us at The Cinnamon Room!

The ladies had already met for a coffee and a short walk around the pretty Chip Bee Gardens area prior to their arrival. Many had heard about Feng Shui before and some of the ladies had been on a Feng Shui walk through Singapore in the past. So today, everybody was curious to find out how to bring Feng Shui into their own home.

The secret to achieving balance and harmony in the home is by applying the Eight Aspirations Formula of Feng Shui. This is one of the main Feng Shui formulas, and one that is very easy to learn when you first get into Feng Shui. It is based on the old Chinese belief that our life is made up of eight areas, with each area being connected to a compass location and an element. Thus, in order to be able to enjoy a happy, harmonious and successful life, there needs to be balance in all eight areas!

This graphic demonstrates very nicely the eight areas (= the eight aspirations), their compass location, their element and the respective colours.

Feng Shui 8 Aspirations

If you then wish to enhance or activate any of the eight aspirations, you use the element of the “productive cycle of elements” by following the red arrow in the graphic below.

Feng Shui Cycle of 5 Elements

In my talk, I described each of the “Eight Aspirations” and the associated elements by showing numerous examples of how to achieve the desired balance as well as suggestions on how to enhance the areas if appropriate.

Of course everybody has their own home décor style and preferences, but with creativity and clever accessories you can achieve a lot (in Feng Shui terms) without having to compromise on your personal taste.

This photo for example shows a beautifully balanced living room ideal for a SW or NE sector of your home. Earth and fire colours complement each other effortlessly.

But if you are not a fan of the colour Red, then you could use lamps, lanterns or tea lights instead of a predominantly red carpet if you are in need of some fire element in this area.

     Tea Lights as Feng Shui Fire Element    Lanters used as Feng Shui Fire Element

Metal Table Accessories for Good Feng ShuiAdding metal accessories is also something that is very easy to do if you would like to:

  • strengthen the WEST sector to benefit your creativity,
  • boost the NW sector to bring helpful friends and mentors into your life, or
  • enhance the NORTH sector to take your career to the next level.

Your artwork is another powerful tool to adjust the harmony in your home and therefore your Feng Shui. Have a look at the pictures and paintings on your walls – not only their colours, but also the subject of each piece of art and its symbolism. You can refer to the charts above and then decide if they are in the “right” place or if they could benefit you more if they were hanging in a different spot.

Feng Shui Art
“Taking Flight” by Diana Francis

I love sharing my Feng Shui knowledge and our audience this morning was very engaged and had a lot of questions. Afterwards there was more socialising and some shopping over a delicious cup of Greek Mountain Tee. A perfect end to an enjoyable morning.

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17 April 2018

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