It was the month of May, and my client was feeling a bit low facing issues related to his children’s well-being, no job satisfaction and wishing to find a new role. He had already been trying to find a new job for quite a few months when he called me.


I concentrated on harmonizing the elements in the apartment and, since the job issue was the most pressing, enhancing the following sectors: North for career luck and South for recognition luck. These are very important areas for anyone seeking a new job.

The North sector fell into the dining room and I suggested installing a water feature there as water is the classic activator for career and financial luck. This was easy to do.

Stock photo of a brown feature wall in living room
Stock photo of a brown feature wall in living room.


The South sector was taken up by the living room and the main entrance and also comprised a feature wall behind the sofa which was brown in colour. Here, the elements were totally out of balance. I recommended leaving the lights on in the South area and outside the front door every evening. In addition, I proposed painting the feature wall green to activate the fire element of the South and therefore my client’s recognition luck.

We also focused on enhancing the annual No 1 Star and added metal element and a victory banner in the NW sector to enhance victory luck for the patriarch.


My client was very enthusiastic and within days I received his feedback about the positive changes he and his family were feeling after making the first (easy) Feng Shui adjustments.

The new shade of green
The new shade of green.

We arranged another meeting to discuss my report in detail. In fact, when I arrived at the appointed time, the apartment resembled a building site because the painters were already at work! The feature wall in the living room was being painted in a lovely, rich shade of muted green and a few other areas were also being upgraded. Having already seen instant results by the smaller changes he had made, my client had become passionate about Feng Shui and I could sense his excitement. He wanted to do everything he could to get the Feng Shui right.


After the summer holidays I received a grateful e-mail from him, telling me that the children’s health and well-being had improved and he was busy settling into his new role! A new opening had come up within the same company and he was very happy.

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