… because we can feel it on holiday too whether our accommodation has good Feng Shui or not!

My clients own this one-bedroom apartment in Germany which they use for their holidays. Since it is located in a popular tourist area, they decided to also rent it out as a holiday apartment.

The apartment has natural colour ceramic floor tiles throughout which give good grounding energy overall. All the walls are freshly painted in a crisp white and wooden ceilings create a warm, homely atmosphere. The owners bought new furniture based on my Feng Shui recommendations, and this is how the apartment turned out:

Floor Plan with Compass Sectors

Living Room:

The living room falls into the NORTH and NW sectors which belong to the water (N) and metal element (NW). The Flying Stars 6 and 8 in the NORTH part of the room are excellent whereas the 2/3 combination in the NW part is worrysome.

The residents should spend as much time as possible in the NORTH part of the living room. This is harmoniously furnished with two sofas, one turquoise and one dark grey. The turquoise sofa represents the water element of the NORTH, they grey sofa represents metal element which is the element of the NW and supports water element. This makes the grey sofa a perfect choice for both the NW and the NORTH areas!

A beautiful art print of the Singapore skyline in bright shades of blue and turquoise adorns the wall above the turquoise colour sofa, further enhancing the water element of the NORTH sector and the very auspicious flying stars at the same time.

The great attention to detail is also reflected in the white pieces of furniture and the metal uplighter in the corner.

Floor Plan with Flying Stars Living Room
Living Room

Dining Room:

The dangerous 2/3 flying stars combination bringing illness, arguments and hatred of the most severe kind needs to be cured with metal element. Hence I recommended to paint the wooden ceiling white, which immediately brightened up the whole room and gave it a very contemporary feeling.

More metal element was added in the form of a grey table runner, a grey metal fruit basket and the metal lamp above the dining table.

In this case, the 2/3 affliction is actually very easy to cure because metal is the element of the NW location of the dining room. I am confident that the residents will come to no serious harm.

The white ceiling feels like a trump card here, curing the bad stars in the dining area while at the same time enhancing the luck of the living area!


In the WEST sector, the apartment features a beautiful covered terrace with direct access to the garden. Here we need to cure the 3/2 flying stars combination which can be dangerous for those in politics and can bring problems with the matriarch.

Again, we are in luck and the cure for this is easy. Metal element or a yin (still) water cure are needed and I recommended to buy metal garden furniture. The metal element is further enhanced by the pretty white metal lanterns. Since the WEST belongs to the metal element, our cures here strengthen the luck of the West sector at the same time!

Overall, the owners created a very harmonious place to relax and enjoy the mellow summer evenings. The soft murmur of the nearby stream adds to the peaceful atmosphere.

Floor Plan with Flying Stars Living and Terrace


The kitchen is located in the SW of the apartment. This is not ideal as it can press down on the luck of the matriarch. The mother of the household may feel subdued and lacking authority, less able to affect change and growth in her life. The SW is also the area representing romance and relationship luck. With a kitchen here, the marriage might not always be stable. This situation can be improved though by strengthening the earth element in the kitchen and in the SW areas of the living room and the bedroom.

The earth colour floor tiles are very helpful here, and we are introducing more earth element with yellow kitchen towels.The design of the kitchen, however, is positive. There are no clashes between the fire elements of stove and oven and the water elements of sink and fridge.

Although generally not an auspicious colour for the SW, the blue worktop here comes handy as it helps to cure the “double 7” flying stars. The No 7 Star brings the danger of burglary and robbery. To be on the safe side, I have also given the owners a protective “Anti-Burglary Sticker” for the kitchen window.

Anti-Burglary Sticker 2016


The spacious bedroom occupies the SOUTH sector of the apartment and part of the SE. Both areas benefit from wood element, therefore the wooden furniture and green bedlinen are perfect.

Although fire is the element of the SOUTH, the fire colours red, orange and pink should be avoided in this room because they would aggravate the inauspicious 5/9 flying stars combination here which could lead to bad luck, bad tempers and stress. Something we definitely want to avoid!

The recommended cure is a metal windchime, which was hung near the window. The metal bedside lamps further subdue the flying stars.

The gorgeous art print of tropical ginger lilies above the bed does introduce a small amount of fire energy though – and we do need this to negate the excessive water energy of the bathroom on the other side of that wall. In addition, a mirror attached to the back of the headboard will reflect the unwanted water energy.

Floor Plan with Flying Stars Bedroom


In Feng Shui, bathrooms are considered “bad” areas because of all the drains that flush away the luck of the sector in which they are located -just think of the sink, bath tub, shower, and toilet. In this case the wealth (SE) and health (EAST) luck of the residents are affected! That is of course not ideal.

One of the ways of dealing with this is to apply the destructive or the exhaustive cycle of elements which means either adding metal or fire element/colours in the bathroom.

Since the bathroom is already tiled white (metal element) I recommended to add fire colour accessories.

White tiles are always an excellent choice for a bathroom because the colour white is generally associated with cleanliness and purity – something you definitely want there.



There is a small entrance lobby/foyer as you enter the apartment. This falls into the EAST sector which represents health luck. It is wonderful to have a solid wooden main door here because the EAST belongs to the wood element. The wooden shoe cabinet inside further strengthens the wood element. As for colours, shades of green, turquoise and blue will be ideal.

The entrance also benefits from excellent Flying Stars. The 8/6 combination promises wonderful relationship luck, popularity and recognition and this can be enhanced with a large boulder or sculpture. It really is fantastic to have these stars at the main entrance.

* * * * * * * * *

One week after registering the holiday apartment with the local tourist office the first booking came it. And those first guests liked the apartment so much they extended their stay! … Looks like I have to make sure to get my own booking in for next year very soon!

View of the church

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