The Importance of Positioning Your Desk CorrectlyUseful feedback from one of my clients:

“My husband has a job in a global team hence he spends the majority of his working day at his home office. We had just moved house and he was struggling with some creativity issues in his work when Lucy came to assess our house. She found out that my husband was actually facing his bad luck direction at his desktop. She recommended us to move the table diagonally in the room to face his best direction. However, that resulted in the huge rectangular table occupying most of the room.

After some searching we found a lovely kidney-shaped table, which gave much more space to the room and was much easier to position diagonally. We also filled the room with some of the pictures our kids had painted, strategically placing a mountain picture behind his back to give him more support.

My husband has felt a real improvement in his workflow and creative thinking after the changes, and there is no lack of inspiration either!The Importance of Positioning Your Desk Correctly 2

As for career luck, a small fountain, placed in the North sector of his room, also seems to have a definite positive effect. And just to be sure a small statue of a monkey sitting on a horse (a very popular career enhancer) is placed in the North sector of his desk.

With the help of Lucy we were able to create a beautiful yet functional home office where all aspects of life have been considered carefully.”

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