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Many businesses are going through a quiet time due to the ongoing Covid restrictions. Whether you are just re-opening your business after a lockdown, or you are using the time to make some adjustments to your shop/business, here are a few Feng Shui tips to help you keep the money flowing in:

PayWave Payment and Pineapple Decoration

  1. Have a good look around to see if there are any sharp corners or structures outside your shop or within your shop. These send out poison arrows, which create harmful chi. You need to remove or deflect any such poison arrows, especially if they are pointed at your shop entrance or your cashier area.
  2. Take care of your shop/business entrance as this is the main feature to attract customers. The entrance should not be too small, otherwise it will be hard for the chi to enter. Furniture pieces with sharp corners pointing towards the entrance (see Point 1 above) will discourage customers from entering your shop.
  3. A well-lit store front will help to attract customers into the shop.
  4. Try not to overload your shelves and tables with products as this will make it difficult for your customer to find what they are looking for. Keep it simple and balanced.
  5. Locate the SE corner of your premises. The SE is related to wealth, so you want to activate this. If possible, position your cash register in this area of your shop, or the accountant for your business. Installing a small water feature here would also be useful, as the movement of the flowing water represents constant turnover. Please note that Feng Shui wisdom also recommends not to have your cashier area facing the front door or the toilet. It should be near the entrance area but not directly facing it. Ideally, you also want to have a solid wall behind the cashier for protection. water feature
  6. You could even place a mirror on the side wall of the cashier area to reflect the payment area, thereby symbolically doubling the turnover.
  7. Many shop/business owners attach three old Chinese coins tied with red thread to their cash till or computer. The coins will activate wealth luck/money coming in.
  8. Place some good luck symbols in your shop or business. This could be symbols that represent a long life and prosperity, a God of Wealth figure, or a good luck symbol of your own tradition. This could discreetly be included in the décor, so it is not immediately visible to everyone.

Most importantly – smile a lot when attending to your customers. You want to create good energy by being kind and helpful and not too overbearing.    

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