Feng Shui – positive energy in your rooms

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Towards the end of last year, I was contacted by Verena Arnold from ProntoPro Switzerland to ask whether I would be willing to participate in an on-line interview. Of course I was curious and agreed.

Soon after I received a list of questions and here is the result:


ProntoPro is an online portal, which connects service providers with their customers. Service providers in a vast array of fields can register with ProntoPro to offer their services – ranging from a very extensive list of home services such as plumbers, electricians, painter and decorators, pest control, to events, tuition, gardening, photography, music, wellness, etc etc. The list seems endless. Individuals looking for any kind of service, eg piano lessons, can then post their requirements with ProntoPro and will receive quotations from the appropriate providers – voila! It’s an excellent system.

To keep the content lively and varied, ProntoPro also post regular blogs on their website, and this is where you can find my interview in the “house” category. I am delighted to be featured in Switzerland among so many other interesting individuals.

(For my English-speaking contacts, I’m afraid the blog is in German only.)


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