Feng Shui Your Hotel Room in 5 Minutes

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Your hotel room is your “home away from home”, no matter whether you travel for business or for pleasure, and it is worth taking a few minutes to make sure it feels comfortable. After all, our surroundings influence our well-being and a little bit of Feng Shui can make all the difference to ensuring your peace and comfort.

Feng Shui Tips for your Hotel

Follow these simple tips, and in no more than 5 minutes you can create a healthier, more restful and enjoyable “home” when travelling.

  1. If possible, opt for a room with windows that open and remember to open them to air the room before you go to sleep.
  2. Choose a room which is away from noisy vending machines, elevators, or any electrical installations such as aircon compressors or heating systems. Away from street noise too, and bars or restaurants, or your peace and quiet will most likely be disturbed.
  3. Play your favourite music as you unpack and settle in your room. This creates a powerful feel-good factor and clears away any remaining energies from previous guests.
  4. Bring your favourite piece of clothing to wear when relaxing in your hotel room. You can also use this to cover the TV or mirror at night should this be directly facing the bed.
  5. Allow yourself to switch off your mobile phone over night. If you must keep it on, then place it at least five metres away from you. At that distance the electromagnetic fields are less likely to disturb you.
  6. For the same reason it is advisable to unplug all unnecessary electrical items in the room before you go to bed, including the digital hotel alarm clock. Carry a small, battery operated travel alarm clock with you instead or ask the front desk for a wake-up call if necessary.
  7. If you need to work in your hotel room, arrange your work station so that your back is against a wall and you can see the door of your room. The wall gives you support and the clear vision to the door keeps you in control.
  8. If you are away on a romantic break, enhance the romance Chi in your room with a beautiful bouquet of pink, mauve and peach colour flowers. Remember to change the water every day and discard the flowers as soon as they start to wilt as dying, dead or dried flowers have a negative effect.
  9. Always keep the bathroom door closed and the toilet seat down during your stay.

27 July 2019

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