Having a Baby? – Feng Shui Tips for Baby’s Room

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Several of my clients are expecting a baby this spring and prompted by these wonderful news I thought I’d share some Feng Shui tips about baby’s room.

Welcoming a new baby into the family is such a deep and life-changing experience, no matter whether it is the first baby, second, or more. All parents have a deep desire to create a perfect world for their baby, so baby will grow up feeling safe, happy and content. So a lot of thought goes into designing baby’s room or setting up the area where baby is going to sleep and play.

Feng Shui can definitely help you along the way!

Baby's Room in grey

1. The basic rules for all bedrooms are:
  • Place the headboard of the cot (or bed) against a solid wall and not under a window.
  • Do not place the cot or bed in line with the door. Feet pointing at the door is called the “Funeral Position” which is very bad Feng Shui. Even if baby moves around a lot and may not end up sleeping with the feet pointing at the door, you do not want to put your baby in line with the door, as the incoming energy is too strong and unsettling.
  • Do not have the headboard of the cot share a wall with a bathroom or toilet.
2. You also need to look out for some dangers:
  • Exposed beams above the head.
  • Open shelving opposite the cot.
  • Sharp corners pointing at the cot

All these are considered poison arrows, which can cause illness. Luckily, most furniture pieces for baby and toddler rooms have rounded edges nowadays but you definitely want to check on this – for baby’s safety and for good Feng Shui.

  • A ceiling fan above the cot causes too much yang energy; baby’s room should be yin/quiet (in fact this should apply to all bedrooms).
  • Mirrors should never be facing a bed – they are dangerous for adults and can be a very scary experience for a young child.

Baby on fluffy sheep's rug

3. Sleeping Direction:

This is where you personalize the Feng Shui for your baby. Using the Eight Mansions Formula of Feng Shui, you can calculate your baby’s Kua Number, which then gives you his or her four good (auspicious) and four bad (inauspicious) directions. The secret is to use the auspicious directions as much as possible. We all know that the average adult spends a third of his life in bed, and babies even more! Can you now see why the position of your baby’s cot is so very important?

The best recommendation is to observe all of the above and to place your baby’s cot in baby’s “Personal Growth” direction. That way you will safeguard your baby’s health, ensure good and restful sleep and encourage a happy personality and positive development.

Please have a look at the table below to find your Ox baby’s Kua Number and Personal Growth direction. I have also included the details for the Rat babies from last year (2020):


Baby’s Zodiac Animal Sign


 Sex of Baby  Kua Number* Personal Growth Direction  Health Direction

(born between

25 Jan 2020 – 11 Feb 2021)


(born between

25 Jan 2020 – 11 Feb 2021)

Girl 8 NE NW

(born between

12 Feb 2021 – 31 Jan 2022)

Boy 6 NW NE

(born between

12 Feb 2021 – 31 Jan 2022)


* a different formula applies to male and female.

If your baby is sick or very colicky, placing the cot with the head in his/her “Health” direction will work wonders and help ease the pain. Another useful thing to do is to check the location of the annual Illness Star and avoid placing baby’s cot in that sector (North in 2021).

If you have any questions or would like more advice on your baby’s room please feel free to contact me.

March 2021

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