Lillian Too’s Feng Shui Extravaganza 2020

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It was another fabulous Extravaganza – the Feng Shui highlight of the year. This year, the event took place in Kuala Lumpur only, on 1st December 2019, but it was no question that I would not go. It was a perfect opportunity to enjoy a girls’ weekend with my good friends Josephine and Karina, who joined me on this trip.

For convenience, we stayed at the hotel where the Extravaganza was taking place. We went downstairs an hour before the start of the event and the foyer in front of the ballroom was already buzzing like a beehive. Stalls were set up as usual, and there were so many people buying the new Feng Shui items. Black Friday couldn’t have been busier!

As soon as Lillian and her family arrived, they were surrounded by a throng of people; fans, friends and followers from all over the world wanted to greet Lillian. It was a truly international crowd.

Lillian Too Arrival

2020 is the Year of the Metal Rat and in Chinese culture, the Rat is considered a sign of wealth and abundance. It comes as no surprise then that the Rat is a very popular symbol of wealth in Feng Shui. Therefore, having the Rat symbol in your house will greatly improve your ability to make money this coming year.

Lillian Too goes even further by declaring that “every family must have a Rat this year!”. The Rat is a very good animal sign, and the year 2020 is a very good year to have a baby. Lillian says “if you do not have a Rat in your family and you are too old to have a baby, ask your children to have a baby!”. There was loud laughter and applause in the audience. Lillian Too always knows how to connect.

The Feng Shui (Flying Stars) Chart of the Year 2020:


Lillian Too has always advocated the importance of protection. The world is becoming an increasingly dangerous place and this year in particular everyone needs protection all the time as the year is ruled by the No 7 Robbery Star. This is a very violent star, which brings the danger of theft, robbery, break-ins, accidents, betrayal and loss in many different ways. Strong protective symbols are needed in the Centre of your home.

Combined with the quarrelsome No 3 Star in the NORTH, the sector of the Rat, hostile and unfriendly energy dominates the year, which will lead to misunderstandings, bad temper, and tantrums. You might want to fight with your work colleagues or your neighbours – but please don’t! Patience is key and you must make an effort to stay calm.

Three out of the four cardinal directions are afflicted by negative stars – the No 2 Illness Star flies into the SOUTH, the deadly No 5 Wu Wang (Misfortune Star) flies into the EAST, and the quarrelsome No 3 Star flies into the NORTH. That means, people belonging to the EAST Group generally need to be more careful this year, while WEST Group people are in a better position to enjoy good luck.

The No 2 Illness Star is particularly strong this year as its earth element is strengthened by the fire element of the SOUTH. The same goes for the quarrelsome No 3 Star, with its wood element being strengthened by the water element of the NORTH.

The good news is that the No 8 Prosperity Star flies into the NW and benefits the patriarch. And if the patriarch is able to make money, then the whole family benefits, right? The power of the No 8 Star also has a positive influence on (world) leaders and CEOs, helping them to make calm and wise decisions, showing good leadership skills.

Another wonderful star is the No 6 Heaven Luck Star, bringing luck from heaven to the SE this year. This can be useful in so many ways! If you want someone to notice you, eg a benefactor or a superior, to help you obtain a promotion, you can activate this by placing a Dragon in your SE if your boss is a man. If your boss is a woman, you can place a Snake instead. Activating the No 6 Star with a Wealth Bull will bring wealth into your life, which could also include getting rich on Wall Street (ie the stock market). Displaying a Double Humped Camel on the other hand will bring you continued good business luck, a healthy bank balance and good cashflow.

Please also be aware of the Renovation Taboos for 2020 as follows:

  • NORTH – Tai Sui
  • EAST – 5 Yellow
  • SOUTH – 3 Killings

Again, it is the cardinal directions and therefore the EAST Group people who are affected the most.

After this chapter it was time for a coffee break and my opportunity to get a photo with Lillian. Yay!


The Paht Chee Chart for 2020

The Rat year is the start of a new 12-year cycle and the 2020 Year of the Rat is also the start of a new 180-year cycle. It is overall a productive and harmonious year but there are underlying hostile energies and tension – don’t trust anybody!

The chart contains all five elements and a good balance of yin and yang, so it is overall a good year. Rat years are excellent to create new wealth. If you want to get a new job or start a new business, do it! This is the year to start new things, whatever it is you want to achieve.


The main points are:

  • It is a good, balanced chart.
  • There is excess earth energy, which makes it a very grounded and stable year in a political sense, but there could also be hidden worry and stress and some earth disasters.
  • We have a LAP CHUN, which brings much needed growth energy. The year comes off with a good start.
  • The Year Pillar is productive, which indicates support for new ventures. But water is very strong and there is possibility of heavy flooding, tsunamis and big storms.
  • The Month Pillar has clashing elements, indicating clashes with the older generation.
  • The Day Pillar is productive, bringing harmony to the family.
  • The Hour Pillar represents our children. The two elements are productive which indicates the youth will show the way and we should listen to them.
  • The secret friends Rat and Ox are in the two most important pillars; this is a strong indication that 2020 will be more harmonious. It brings excellent harmony in all relationships.
  • The allies Ox and Rooster bring hidden benefits to those born in the Year of the Snake. Everyone who places a friendly Snake in their SE to complete the trinity of allies can also benefit from harmonious relationships.
  • Rooster in the Hour Pillar clashes with the Rat in the Year Pillar; this suggests disagreements between old and young, as seen in the recent revolutions in Hong Kong.
  • There is potential for wealth creation in the second half of the year coming from creativity and original ideas.
  • There are limited resources and support. Cautious spending and hard work are necessary.

Special Stars in 2020

There are also three extremely auspicious stars hidden in this year’s Paht Chee chart:

  1. Star of Scholastic Brilliance – brings big success and recognition in all your scholastic endeavours. Academic success will come to those who combine consistent hard work with the ability to shine at the right time (ie during exam time). It will help students of all ages as well as young adults looking for their first job. To activate, you can use the 13-level Bejewelled Wisdom Pagoda in bright red and place it on your work/study desk, or in the SW or WEST.
  1. Commanding Star – brings authority, power and influence, benefitting leaders and persons of authority. It also brings career improvements to those who stay focused. Activate this star if you wish to get a promotion this year with a figure of Kuan Kung on a Horse facing the front door of your home.
  1. Star of Powerful Mentors – brings support from influential people. This is especially important for the younger generation. Those who wish to succeed will benefit from influential people turning up in their lives, giving them meaningful and powerful support. Those young people need to remember to heed the advice of the older mentor though. The Dragon, Snake, Rooster and Rat are the animal signs with the best chances to gain from the Star of Powerful Mentors this year. However, anyone can activate this by placing the Jade Emperor Heaven Amulet or the Monkey God on Elephant in a prominent place in the NW of your home or living room, or on your desk at work.

After the lunch break, Lillian’s daughter Jennifer together with Lillian’s nephew Han Jin presented the luck of the 12 zodiac animals. But this is the topic of a separate blog post.

As always, I took the opportunity to deck out my whole family with new amulets for the coming year, depending on everyone’s needs. I also could not resist this beautiful miniature wealth cabinet to be placed in the WEST in 2020. It is said to help harness the necessary energy to augment your wealth and net worth over the coming years as it enhances the No 9 Star of future prosperity. I will keep you posted!


4 December 2019

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