Lillian Too’s Feng Shui Extravaganza 2021

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Like everything this year, Lillian Too’s Feng Shui Extravaganza was a bit different too. It was held on-line over three days from 4 – 6 December. I had kept the whole weekend free which was a good thing as it allowed me to watch all the videos twice. My good friend Josephine joined me in my office on the Saturday and we had a skype call with our friend Karina after, who is sitting out Covid19 in Australia. In the past few years the three of us have always attended the Extravaganza together, so it was important to catch up on this occasion!

This year, Lillian was joined by her daughter Jennifer, her nephew Han Jin and her brother Philipp in giving the presentations. The pre-recorded videos were very casual, which I thought was lovely!

Lilian Too and Team at Feng Shui Extravaganza

So what are Lillian Too’s predictions for the coming Year of the Metal Ox? We have all been through a tough year 2020 with Covid19 still raging across the continents. It has been extremely challenging on many levels – families have suffered, economies have suffered, and the big question is: Can the world succeed in controlling the impact of Covid19?

Covid19 has certainly not been easy to live with and we will have to continue to live with it for some time to come. BUT the good news is that the Year 2021 is dominated by the Heaven Star No 6, which is a much kinder star than the No 7 we had in 2020.

We cannot expect much growth in the coming year 2021 as there is no Lap Chun, but it is not growth we are looking for. What the world needs is healing energy and the No 6 Star in the Centre of the Feng Shui Chart will help us heal and rebuild.

Unfortunately, the aggressive No 7 Star flies into the NW in 2021 and therefore affects the patriarchs and persons in leading positions. The No 7 Star is a nasty star, which makes people fight and cause trouble for no particular reason. It also brings loss and backstabbing and could lead to betrayals at the highest economical powers. We must be prepared for arguments and tension among leaders and heads of states/countries.

Let’s look at the Paht Chee Chart for the Year 2021

Paht Chee Chart 2021

The chart is not balanced as it is missing Fire element. This is unfortunate, as Fire represents Wealth & Financial Success this coming year. Luckily, there is hidden wealth in the chart emerging in the middle of the year! Also, the Heavenly Stem (top) and Earthly Branches (bottom) elements are not in harmony in the Day and Month pillars and exhaustive in the Year pillar. It is not a very good chart.

These are the main points:

  • Year Pillar – Yin Metal weakens Yin Earth, which indicates that the year’s energy is weak, including the world economy.
  • Month Pillar – Yang Metal destroys Yang Wood, which indicates productivity is low and resources are lacking. There will also be a lack of support for expansion and innovation.
  • Day Pillar – Yin Water is being destroyed by Yin Earth, which indicates that people who are hardworking (rather than politicking) can do well.
  • Hour Pillar – two Yang Water indicate that the year will end on a more harmonious note as people are coming together.
  • There is a LOT of water in the chart overall, which indicates a lot of competition which could lead to politicking and backstabbing.
  • Ox and Rat in the chart are secret friends, which is good news as that indicates new alliances.
  • Ox and Sheep, however, clash directly, which could mean potential marriage problems and also clashes between leaders. Also, for people born in the Years of the Ox, Dog, Sheep or Dragon it is important to appease the Tai Sui.

Special Stars in 2021:

Star of Prospects – brings new opportunities in 2021. People who work hard will succeed.

Star of Powerful Mentors – will particularly benefit the younger generation this coming year and bring influential people into their lives who can help them jumpstart their careers. WHO you know is as important as WHAT you know.

Aggressive Sword Star – this is one of the unluckiest stars in the Paht Chee Chart. Seeing this in the chart means that it will be a year with severe aggression, which might even lead to a revolution.

External Flower of Romance Star – brings betrayals and infidelity in marriages. The Sheep-Ox clash makes the situation even worse and marriages more vulnerable. There will be many outside temptations, which will particularly affect people born in the Years of the Rat, Rabbit and Sheep.

The Feng Shui (Flying Stars) Chart of the Year 2021:

Flying Stars Chart 2021

This year, fate will play a big role in everybody’s fortunes, the same as mentor luck. Look at the teachers and bosses in your life – there are mentors to be found! Take advice from older people and value your relationships. The No 6 Star in the Centre is a true blessing and despite the hardships we are experiencing, we can be optimistic. If you have plans or new ideas for next year, please go ahead – heaven luck will be with you!

We also see the “Parent String Combination”  3/6/9 on the SW/NE axis. This means, houses facing SW or NE are very lucky in 2021, as wealth will come to these houses. In addition, the auspicious stars 4, 6 and 8 form the EAST/WEST axis, which is also very good.

The No 2 Star in the NORTH is the Illness Star and – needless to say – one of the main afflictions we need to control this year. The good news is that the water element of the NORTH weakens the earth element of the Illness Star, so it is not too strong and we will see Covid19 recede over the year.

The SE is one of the most afflicted sectors, being home to the dangerous 5 Yellow Star. Luckily, here too the wood element of the SE sector weakens the earth element of the No 5 Star, making it easier to overcome the affliction. It is still something that needs to be attended to though!

As mentioned earlier, the nasty No 7 Star flies into the NW, making it very dangerous because it affects the heads of families, bosses and leaders at all levels, including people who are in very powerful positions. The No 7 Star is usually referred to as the Robbery Star, but it also brings loss, aggression, fights, betrayal and treachery. Therefore, mistrust will be very common in 2021. Please be aware and watch your back.

The quarrelsome No 3 Star flies into the SW, which does not bode well for families, as it affects the matriarchs and will make them more short tempered and irritable. Please be nice to your mother!

The SOUTH is the source of good luck this year as it is home to the No 1 Victory Star, bringing recognition by the right kind of people and success.  Other auspicious areas are the EAST, benefitting from the No 4 Star, and the WEST, enjoying wealth luck brought by the No 8 Star.

Please be aware of the Renovation Taboos for 2021 as follows:

  • NE1 – Tai Sui
  • EAST – 3 Killings
  • SE – 5 Yellow

It is important to keep all these areas as quiet as possible.

Overall, the luckiest animal signs in 2021 are the Horse, Rooster and Monkey. But this is the subject for another blog coming soon.

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I missed not seeing Lillian Too in person this year and those of you who have been following me and reading my blogs for a while know that I always cherish the opportunity of having my photo taken with Lillian. Having said that, I’m very grateful that Lillian and her team took the time and initiative to create an on-line event for all her followers across the globe. I hope you enjoyed reading this summary.

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