After 6 years living abroad, Max and his family returned to their home country and the 13-year-old decided he wanted to go to a boarding school. His mother had spent some years of her childhood in a boarding school herself and has very fond memories of that time in her life, so she was happy to support him. The family found a renowned boarding school not too far from their home so that Max would be able to come home for the weekends.

When the summer holidays came to an end, Max was looking forward to start this new chapter in his life.

However, the initial enthusiasm faded rather quickly and one month later Max’s Mum started to get seriously concerned. Although Max enjoyed having other youths and new friends around him all the time, settling into the new surroundings was more difficult than he had expected and the pressure was mounting. His mother confided in me that Max had “become a nervous wreck” and asked for my (Feng Shui) advice.

The Feng Shui analysis of Max’s bedroom at boarding school revealed the following problems:

  1. The room is oriented on a North-South axis which is not ideal for Max since Max is a West-Group person and therefor benefits from the good directions NW, W, SW and NE.
  2. Max’s bed was placed so that Max was sleeping in his “Six Killlings” direction – it is no surprise that his self esteem was affected!
  3. When sitting at the built-in desk, Max was facing his “Total Loss” direction – something that should be avoided at all times!
  4. Furthermore, sitting at that desk meant sitting with the back to the door – a well known Feng Shui taboo.
Max Room Before
The original bed postion was not favourable for Max.
Max Room Before
Desk with back to the door.

I made many suggestions on how to improve the situation – these are the most important:

Room Floorplan
Black – existing | Red – Suggestions For Improvement
  1. WEST is the only good direction which can be easily used in the room. Max’s other good directions (NW, SW and NE) are diagonal, which is a bit tricky given that the room is not overly large.
  2. The bed should be placed with the head against the WEST wall even though this takes up more space in the room. WEST is Max’s “Sheng Chi/Success” direction.
  3. Place an additional (small) desk against the WEST wall, next to the bed, so Max can face his best direction when doing homework or studying. He can use the built-in desk as a shelf for his school books or other items.
  4. Ensure that there is harmony between the colours and the elements, ie have the right colours in the right places:
  • After moving the bed to its new position, use bed linen in metal and earth colours (metal = white, grey, silver, gold; earth = yellow, ocre, beige, cream, brown).
  • Add a green comfy chair (if there is enough room) in the EAST area of the room, where the bed was placed originally, looking    towards SW or NW. This can be used for reading, studying or relaxing.
  • The green colour here is important to strengthen the wood element and Max’s health.
  • Hang a nature picture or a picture with green colours on the EAST wall to boost Max’s health.
  • The school books and note books should be kept in the shelving unit in the NE part of the room since the NE is related to knowledge  and wisdom.
  • Max has Kua No 6, which belongs to the metal element (the Kua No is calculated from the person’s date of birth and is the basis for  the individual’s good and bad directions).

Once Max’s bed has been placed in the WEST area of the room and he is using metal and  earth colour bed linen everything will come together very harmoniously. This will strengthen his personality and therefore boost his  confidence.

Fortunately, the Autumn break was coming up and Max and his parents used this time to make the necessary changes in his room. Thus Max was able to make a new start after the holiday and his mother was very confident about his future.

Max's new room after feng shui
New bed position and new desk.
Max new romm after feng shui 2
New green comfy chair and green picture where the bed was located originally and school materials in the NE shelving unit.

It did not take long for Max to feel the difference. It was not yet Christmas when his Mum reported back that Max was feeling much better and happier. His academic achievements were excellent and his first report card showed he was the best in class. Max says he has never had so many friends and come Sunday evening he is looking forward to starting a new week at boarding school.

Isn’t it amazing what interior design based on Feng Shui can do!?

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