My Annual Talk: “What does the Year of the Pig have in store for us?”

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It was an early start last Wednesday at Emperor’s Attic for our annual Feng Shui talk on the new year with Expat Living: What does the Year of the Pig have in store for us? A question everybody is asking these days, with a certain amount of curiousity, I’m sure. A new year is always a new beginning, and the Feng Shui energies promise lots of good things for the Year of the Pig!

The Annual Flying Stars Chart for 2019 reveals a lot:

Flying Stars 2019

The greatest news is that the No 8 Wealth Star flies into the Centre this year, which means it brings plenty of wealth luck to EVERYBODY! All family members can benefit from this wonderful opportunity, you just need to know how to enhance it. As always during this talk, I explain of some of Lillian Too’s latest cures and enhancers for the year, and I also suggest other alternatives, trying to cater to different tastes and styles of home décor. This is why holding the talk at Emperor’s Attic was a real bonus, as the shop is full of fabulous décor items and art that can be used to boost the Feng Shui energies in your home. As for the Wealth Star, this can easily be enhanced with a Bejewelled Pair of Carp, a Wish-Granting Music Tree, a Wealth Ship, or a simple Wealth Bowl. There are also a number of amulets you can carry to increase your personal wealth luck, eg a Wealth Ship amulet, a 9-Tailed Red Fox amulet, or a Treasure Chest amulet featuring the lucky cat. The latter is especially recommended for the Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Rabbit and Dragon this year to attract money luck.

Treasure Chest Amulet w Lucky Cat square

Other auspicious areas are the East, home to the No 6 Heaven Luck Star, and the West, enjoying the luck brought by the No 1 Victory Star this year.

Those of you looking for love and romance may want to activate their North sector with a love enhancer. Having said that, this area is also auspicious for students.

Of course, it is important to keep all these areas free of clutter because messy spaces to not attract good energy.

However, please also be aware of the following dangers:

  • The No 2 Illness Star in the NE – particularly affecting the Ox and Tiger, youngest son and those with bedrooms or main entrance doors in the NE.
  • The quarrelsome No 3 Star – particularly affecting the Horse, middle daughter and those with bedrooms or main entrances doors in the SOUTH.
  • The most dangerous Five Yellow – particularly affecting the matriarchs, Sheep and Monkey and those with bedrooms or main entrances in the SW.
  • The No 7 Burglary Star – bringing the danger of theft, robbery and violence to the Dragon and Snake, oldest daughter, and those with bedrooms or main entrance doors in the SE

Protection is vital, especially for the No 2 and No 5 Stars, which are both very strong this year.

Lucy Richardson_Annual Feng Shui Talk

During the talk, the question of moving furniture came up. Indeed, moving furniture is always a good idea as that presents an excellent opportunity to remove some cob webs, but more importantly, moving furniture is a great way to refresh the energy in your home. For example, placing a bright red piece of furniture in your South sector this year, or in the South of your living room, will be a powerful cure against the quarrelsome energies brought by the No 3 Star while at the same time activating the “Recognition Luck” of the South – a win-win combination!

Red Cabinet with Louise Hill flower print 6x5cm

I just love the colourful furniture at Emperor’s Attic. They are not only very unique and beautiful statement pieces, they can also be excellent Feng Shui tools!

As always, the ladies enjoyed time for shopping, chatting and mingling after the talk and more Feng Shui questions were asked. The Expat Living audience is always a delight and I’m very grateful to Susan for inviting me to conduct this annual talk again. Thank you, Expat Living and Emperor’s Attic, you have been wonderful hosts!

And if anybody needs more amulets or other Feng Shui essentials to make the most of the Year of the Pig, please hop over to our website shop and place your order :-).

18 January 2019

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