My Annual Talk- What does the Year of the Rat have in store for us?

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I was delighted when Expat Living invited me to present the annual Feng Shui talk again this year; even more so when I found out it was going to be held at the new showroom of The China Collection! I love that shop and have been wanting to visit their new place in Joo Chiat Road for quite some time. Being back in Joo Chiat also had a personal significance for me as it was here in this neighbourhood, just around the corner at “Ni-Night” (which sadly does not exist any more) where I held my first ever Feng Shui talk several years ago. Talking about going down memory lane …

The shop looked wonderful as expected and Doug had dedicated the room at the back specially for the event. 40 people had registered and shortly before 10am the shop started filling up.

Expat Living Feng Shui Talk Audience

What is the Year 2020 going to bring?

The Rat year is the beginning of a new 12-year zodiac cycle. We also have a Lap Chun this year, which is good news. So the year 2020 is a great year for new beginnings, to start new things. If you are thinking of getting a new job, going for a promotion, moving house or moving country, starting a new business or a new product line, etc …. go ahead and do it!

Everybody can do well in 2020 but you need to be careful of hidden enemies, so don’t trust anybody. Wealth luck comes through creativity and also through the Rat of course (in Chinese culture, the Rat has long been considered a sign of wealth and abundance). Keep working on your plans; don’t stop!

How can the Feng Shui (Flying Stars) Chart of the Year Support you?

Flying Stars Chart Year of the Rat

As I always explain – and today was no exception – protection is paramount. What good is it if you just enhance the auspicious stars to boost your luck, you get a promotion with more money, your bank balance grows beautifully, but then you get sick and can’t work any more and spend all your money on hospital bills? So when studying the chart above, let’s please look at the negative stars first (the red numbers) and sort out our protection for the year:

The annual No 7 Robbery Star flies into the centre, which is troublesome for everyone. This needs to be cured with water element and/or a Blue Rhino.

Double Dorje TasselThe No 2 Illness Star flies into the SOUTH and affects the eyes in particular – while the quarrelsome No 3 Star flies into the NORTH, disturbing the harmony of your home. All these three stars are very strong this year and must not be ignored.

Lastly, you also need to disarm the dangerous No 5 Misfortune Star, which flies into the EAST and particularly affects people born in the Year of the Rabbit, the oldest son, and those with bedrooms or offices in the EAST. It also affects the health chi of your home. Here I was really excited to introduce a new cure, which I had actually spotted in the shop earlier – the Double Dorje Tassel. The Double Dorje is an old Tibetan symbol and is said to be the tool of the Gods. It is a very strong protective symbol. Legend has it that it can destroy all evil but is indestructible itself! It will protect you from spiritual harm, physical danger and the feng shui dangers brought by the No 5 Misfortune Star. AND I think it is a very unique, stylish home accessory!

Now it was finally time to look at the good stars and everybody in the room seemed relieved. The No 8 Wealth Star, which is the most auspicious star of all, flies into the NW and therefore favours the patriarch. This is excellent news because if the father does well, the whole family will benefit, right?!

The SE is also very lucky, being the home of the Heaven Star this year, bringing helpful friends, mentors and benefactors as well as unexpected windfall luck to those born in the Years of the Dragon and Snake.

The matriarch and those born in the Years of the Sheep and Monkey will enjoy good relationships this year while the No 9 Star brings completion luck to the WEST. This is the space where you can also enhance your future prosperity luck.

The best thing about holding this annual Feng Shui talk in a place like The China Collection is the wonderful inspiration it gives me. In addition to introducing traditional feng shui cures and enhancers and Lillian Too’s new designs, the shop is full of fabulous home décor items that can be used to improve your feng shui. From gorgeous vases with auspicious designs to calm buddha statues (think of your quarrelsome No 3 Star in the North!) to a myriad of different jade carvings with different colour tassels, inviting you to be creative!

The China Collection

It felt like I was talking forever … the ladies had so many questions during the presentation, it turned out to be a very interactive event. The fruit and yummy pastries afterwards were well deserved, haha! Thank you Expat Living and China Collection for a truly enjoyable morning.

23 January 2019

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