Abundance Wu Lou Amulet front
Abundance Wu Lou Amulet
The Abundance Wu Lou contains the magical implements of the Eight Immortals, symbolising eight kinds of goodness entering your life. It also brings good health and longevity, as well as a good life blessed with much happiness and good fortune. In 2024, the Illness Star flies into the SE, directly affecting the Dragon and Snake. People who already suffer from bad health will benefit from carrying this amulet too. Measurements:  approx. H 6.5cm x W 3.5cm without chain. [spacer height="20px"]
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Medicine Buddha Plaque
Medicine Buddha Plaque
The Medicine Buddha protects you from illness and helps those who are already ill to recover quickly and fully. It makes an excellent feng shui enhancer for elderly people or anyone who is suffering from health issues or afflicted by illness stars in their chart. This Medicine Buddha Plaque also features two powerful amulets: the Longevity Amulet and the Amulet Against All Disease, as well as Medicine Buddha’s mantra: “Tayatha Om Bekandze Bekandze Maha Bekandze Radza Samudgate Soha”. [spacer height="20px"]
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Abundance Wu Lou
Abundance Wu Lou
The Wu Lou is one of the oldest symbols of good health and longevity. Also known as the “Gourd of Immortality” it is often carried by Sau, the God of Longevity, and is said to contain the elixir of immortality, hence its immense popularity as a symbol of long life. Many ancient Chinese paintings feature a Wu Lou. This year’s Wu Lou has been designed in a vibrant red colour and is decorated with the magical implements of the Eight Immortals, symbolising eight types of good things entering your life. These are: the sword for strength, a lotus flower for virtue, a flute bringing harmony, a flower basket to add beauty to your life, a fan for protection, castanets for power, a long bamboo “fish drum” to bring longevity, and the Wu Lou representing good health. [spacer height="20px"]
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Tri-Coloured 5 Element Pagoda Hanging front
Tri-Coloured 5 Element Pagoda Hanging
The 5 Element Pagoda is a centuries-old cure for the terrible dangers brought by the No 5 Misfortune Star. In 2024, the Misfortune Star, also called the “Five Yellow”, flies into the WEST and therefore particularly affects people born in the Year of the Rooster and the youngest daughter. Carry this Tri-Coloured 5 Element Pagoda Hanging for protection against the Five Yellow affliction, which brings misfortune of all kinds, including accidents and illness. [spacer height="20px"]
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Elephant & Rhino with Ksitigarbha Staff Amulet
This amulet features the traditional cure for the No 7 Robbery & Loss Star – the Blue Elephant & Rhino – as well as the Anti-Burglary Amulet and Anti-Betrayal Amulet. In addition, Ksitigarbha’s Staff is included to protect against natural disasters and events outside your control. In 2024, the No 7 Star has flown into the SOUTH sector, which is also afflicted by the Natural Disaster Star, an additional danger brought by the 24 Mountains. The SOUTH is an important sector because it is the home of the Direct Spirit in the new Period 9. [spacer height="20px"]
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3 Celestial Guardians Amulet
The Three Killings are one of the annual afflictions that are not to be taken lightly and need to be taken care of. They bring 3 types of misfortune:
  • Loss of wealth
  • Loss of your good name/reputation, and
  • Loss of a loved person
In 2024, the Three Killings afflict the SOUTH sector, which is also the home of the annual No 7 Burglary & Loss Star. With the start of the new Period of 9, the SOUTH is a very important sector, as it houses the Direct Spirit of the new period. This is another reason why the SOUTH must be protected and any afflictions must be subdued. [spacer height="20px"]
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Trinity of Apples Amulet front view
Trinity of Apples Amulet
This amulet will protect you against the quarrelsome energies of the No 3 Star. The three apples are embossed with the Anti-Conflict, Anti-Gossip and Anti-Lawsuit symbols to help prevent arguments from flaring up out of nowhere and getting out of control. In Chinese, the word for apple sounds like “peace”, hence the apple has become symbolic of peaceful and harmonious relationships. A wonderful keychain to carry with you and protect you from conflict situations and aggravation. [spacer height="20px"]
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Anti-Burglary Plaque
Anti-Burglary Plaque
The Blue Elephant and Rhino pair featured on this plaque are a strong team to protect your home from the dangers of the No 7 Robbery and Loss Star. The plaque also features the powerful Anti-Burglary Amulet, which will counter the negative energies of the No 7 Star including betrayal, financial losses and big, unexpected expenses, as well as burglary and theft which can often be associated with violence. In 2024, place in the SOUTH of your home – especially if you have a door or window in the SOUTH. [spacer height="20px"] Measurements:  H 12.5cm x W 15.5cm x D 1.5cm plus stand [spacer height="20px"]
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Metal Wu Lou medium & small s
Metal Wu Lou
The Metal Wu Lou is an excellent remedy against the No 2 Illness Star. In 2023, the Illness Star flies into the EAST, where it particularly affects those born in the Year of the Rabbit and the oldest son. If you are already sick, you might like to place this on your bedside table to help bring healing energy to you. Thanks to its plain design, this Wu Lou will suit any style of home décor. [spacer height="20px"][spacer height="20px"]
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