Tiger-Taming Amulet Lifestyle on Handbag
Tiger-Taming Amulet
This is a very special amulet designed specifically for the Year of the Tiger 2022. The year’s chart actually brings us 3 (!) Tigers, which is an indication of great wealth to be made but at the same time a year full of dangers and difficulties. Therefore, this is an essential amulet to help you get the most out of the coming year and to help you seize the year’s many opportunities. The back of the Tiger amulet features the Annual Talisman to help control the yearly afflictions. In addition, the magical ring of the Luo Han will protect you against dangers and obstacles. ALL animal signs will benefit from carrying this special amulet in 2022. [spacer height="20px"] Measurements:         Tiger Amulet approx. H 4cm x W 2.5cm Magical Ring diameter approx.. 4.5cm without chain. [spacer height="20px"]
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28 Hums Protection Lotus Amulet
This is a very strong amulet featuring 28 Hums, the sacred syllable that dispels all malicious and evil energies. The back of the amulet features a wish-granting mirror and further protective mantras. Carrying this amulet will ensure that any negative projectiles that are sent your way cannot reach you. If you have enemies or adversaries, or you are working in a very competitive work or business environment where others wish to defeat you, then this is a very powerful amulet for you to carry. Recommended for:
  • People in very competitive work or business environments.
  • People with enemies.
  • People who feel they are victims of black magic.
[spacer height="20px"] Measurements:         Diameter approx. 5cm without chain. [spacer height="20px"]
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Four Friends Talisman
Four Friends Talisman
This super pretty amulet features the popularity amulet and the “Four Friends” – Elephant, Monkey, Rat and Bird – to strengthen your friendships and bring strong friendship luck in your life. It is a perfect amulet for those whose job requires a lot of networking. It is also perfect for children who change school, students who have left home and need to make new friends at university or college, adults who wish to cement their friendships and couples who wish to protect their relationship from the anger energies present this year. This talisman also protects your existing relationships and keeps the bond strong, and boosts popularity and social luck. It makes a wonderful and thoughtful gift too! [spacer height="20px"]
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3 Celestials Protection Shield Amulet
This new 3 Celestials Protection Shield is the best protective amulet against the 3 Killings, an annual affliction which brings three types of loss: loss of wealth, loss of a loved person/relationship, and loss of good name. In 2022, the 3 Killings are in the NORTH, so people born in the Year of the Rat ought to carry this amulet for protection at all times. The amulet is designed in a circular shape representing heaven energy, which is the best countering force if ever you are faced with dangerous earthly energy. The back of the amulet features a brass mirror, which also weakens the earth energy. The 3 Celestial Guardians and the Double Dorje symbols featured on the front further empower this protective talisman, as well as the Dependent Arising mantra on the back. It is very easy to carry as a charm on your handbag or young people (especially young Rats) can clip it onto their belt loops or keep it in their (school) bags. Measurements:         Diameter approx. 4.5cm without chain. [spacer height="20px"]
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Tai Sui Card 2022 front
Tai Sui Card 2022
The Tai Sui is the God of the Year, also known as the Grand Duke Jupiter, who takes charge of all matters related to earth and mankind during the current year. Every year, there is a new God taking the role of the Tai Sui. It is important to show respect to the Tai Sui in order to gain his support. To do this, you must avoid confronting him or disturbing him, or else he will punish you by bringing misfortune or throwing obstacles into your life. Therefore, it is wise not to sit facing the Tai Sui and to keep his area quiet. The Tai Sui always shares his location with the zodiac animal of the year. This means, in 2022 the Tai Sui lives in the NE3 location, which is the space of the Tiger. While he will support the Tiger, the Boar, Snake and Monkey are in conflict with the Tai Sui and all four animal signs are highly recommended to carry this Tai Sui card to appease him and avoid any potential anger. Having the support of the Tai Sui will bring you great benefits, as he will help you throughout the year and your life will be smooth. [spacer height="20px"]
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Medicine Buddha Amulet for Good Health & Protection
This is a very inconspicuous yet effective amulet to protect your good health – something we all need in these troublesome times of Covid19. The simple, round amulet features the Medicine Buddha’s seed syllable and mantra, which will protect the wearer from illness and contagious diseases. The mantra is printed in English phonetics along the circumference of the amulet, to help those who would like to recite it daily. The back of the amulet features the sacred HUM syllable, further strengthening the protective aura this amulet will lend you. In 2022, highly recommended for the following:
  • Everyone really, as we are still facing Covid.
  • Particularly recommended for the matriarch.
  • Also highly recommended for those born in the Years of the Sheep or Monkey, as they are directly afflicted by the annual Illness Star.
  • Animal signs with weak health luck.
  • Residents of SW-facing homes.
  • Anyone who already suffers from bad health.
[spacer height="20px"] Measurements:         Diameter approx.. 5cm without chain. [spacer height="20px"]
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Anti-Burglary Lumi Tile s
Anti-Burglary Lumi Tile
The Anti-Burglary Lumi Tile is an excellent cure against the annual No 7 Robbery Star which brings burglary, break-ins and betrayals, as well as accidents and violence. The mandala-like image of this Lumi Tile contains a powerful Dakini Symbol which protects the home from burglars and thieves. Also included is a circle of rhino and elephant images, the two powerful animals that have long been used as protectors against the violent No 7 Burglary Star.
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Acrylic Mirror (round)
Acrylic Mirror (round)
A round mirror is an effective cure for unfavourable bathroom or kitchen locations. You can use this acrylic mirror in the following situations:
  • For bathrooms in the SE (Wealth &Prosperity) or EAST (Health) sectors of your home: attach to the ceiling directly above the toilet with the mirror side down to counter the downward spiralling energy of the toilet flush.
  • For kitchen below a bathroom: attach the mirror to the ceiling above the stove, mirror side up, to push back the negative bathroom energy. (In this case you will need to use your own adhesive.)
  • For bedrooms above the kitchen: if the bed is placed above the stove or oven, place the mirror underneath the bed, mirror side down, to deflect the heat below
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Red Facetted Crystal Hanging
Red Facetted Crystal Hanging
Facetted crystal hangings are wonderful Feng Shui enhancers for various situations. Just one small crystal hanging can break the sunlight into a thousand mini rainbows, creating wonderful yang energy and increasing the positive energy in a room. This RED facetted crystal hanging will help to calm aggressive energy brought by the Annual No 3 Star, which flies into the EAST this year (2022), particularly affecting those born in the Year of the Rabbit as well as oldest son. Hanging this RED crystal in your EAST room (or window) will therefore help keep the peace in your home. [spacer height="20px"]
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