Lucky 9 Charm Amulet
Lucky 9 Charm Amulet
Specially designed to bring you loads of luck as we enter the new Period 9, when the No 9 takes on a very special significance. Being the ruling number of this new era, the No 9 becomes the number of Current Prosperity. Therefore, displaying the No 9 in any form creates powerful energies of wealth. This Lucky 9 Charm amulet also includes the “Royal Flush”, which is the ultimate winning hand in poker, to symbolise that victory will be yours, as well as the potent Wealth Dakini Amulet, a wonderful activator for financial windfalls. And of course the lucky Dragon cannot be missing! [spacer height="20px"]
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Single dragon, with white text
Dragon Acrylic Squares
Celebrate the mighty Dragon roaring into 2024 with our unique “Year of the Dragon” acrylic squares, designed by Karenmade Singapore. In the Chinese zodiac, the mystical Dragon symbolises power, strength, vitality and leadership. These photographs of the striking Dragons were taken on the ancient entrance doors of a Chinese temple, where they had clearly been protecting the temple and all its worshippers from bad spirits and misfortune, bringing them good luck and blessings instead over the years. [spacer height="20px"]
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Secret Friends Amulet Dragon & Rooster
Secret Friends Amulet (Dragon & Rooster)
According to Feng Shui wisdom, each zodiac animal has one secret friend and activating your secret friend will boost friendship, benefactor and networking luck. Something that is very important and useful in so many situations! Carrying your Secret Friend amulet is the easiest way to activate this type of luck. It will help attract the “right” kind of people into our life, who will help you when needed and lift you up. There are six amulets in total, featuring the six pairs of astrological Secret Friends. Simply choose the amulet that features your own animal sign, and the second sign featured will be you Secret Friend. [spacer height="20px"]
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Young Green Dragon
Dragons always bring immense good fortune. Welcoming them into your home, especially in the Year of the Dragon, is a powerful tradition. 2024 is the Year of the Wood Dragon but unfortunately there is no Lap Chun, which means the year will be lacking growth energy. To remedy this shortfall, introducing new dragons into your home (or office) is a simple yet effective solution, especially if you choose young and vibrant dragons. This young green Dragon is therefore a perfect representative of the Wood Dragon Year 2024 and will boost our wealth and growth potential. You can display the young green Dragon anywhere in your home (but not in a bedroom) to infuse your living space with precious Dragon’s breath, known as “Sheng Chi”. [spacer height="20px"]
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Azure Dragon w Waves
Azure Dragon with Waves
The Celestial Dragon has long been one of the most popular symbols of auspiciousness, representing power, strength, wealth, abundance, charisma and blessings from heaven. This Azure Dragon is emerging from a sea of waves; a very strong and much needed symbol in 2024 because the water element is completely missing from the year’s chart. Therefore, you need to add water to activate your wealth luck. [spacer height="20px"]
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Scholar w Eagle Mini Plaque Lifestyle 2
Scholar with Eagle Mini Plaque
This mini plaque is ideal for your (study) desk. It features a scholar watching a soaring eagle, a sign that is said to bring success. The back of the plaque features the Scholastic “Fu” sign, also known as the talisman for academic achievements. This Scholar with Eagle mini plaque is perfect for students of all ages to boost their study luck, as well as young people who are just starting out in their careers. Measurements:  approx. H 8cm x W 8cm without base [spacer height="20px"]
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Prosperity Flag w Dragon Amulet lifestyle 1
Prosperity Flag with Dragon Amulet
This Prosperity Flag with Dragon amulet is an excellent enhancer for victory luck. It features the Celestial Dragon on one side and the Winning Talisman on the other side. Having victory luck on your side will help you succeed in competitive situations, be it in your career, business, at school, in sports, or life in general. Winning luck will make your life smoother and more successful, as coming out on top becomes far more likely. Measurements:    approx. H 6.3cm x W 3.9cm without chain. [spacer height="20px"]
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Spirit Essence Amulet lifestyle
Spirit Essence Amulet
Featuring the celestial Dragon and a vibrant Horse – revered for their strength, vitality and stamina – this Spirit Essence amulet will help boost your inner strength and motivation. The amulet also contains the Chinese proverb “Loong Ma Jing Sun”, which translates to “Wishing you the strength and vitality of the Dragon and the Horse”. When the spirit essence of a person is low, it is difficult to capture opportunities that come your way. This is where carrying this Spirit Essence amulet will help to boost your inner strength, motivation, courage and resolve, as these two strong creatures remind you of your own strength! Everyone can benefit from carrying this amulet. It is essential for the Ox, Dagon, Sheep and Dog, as they have low spirit essence in 2023. [spacer height="20px"]
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Light Green Dragon Tassel
Green Dragon Tassel
The Dragon has been a favourite Feng Shui symbol of good fortune for a very long time. In China, the Dragon has always been the official symbol of the Emperor, granting him the heavenly power to lead. In Feng Shui, the powerful energy of the Dragon is also referred to as the “Dragon’s breath”, bringing every kind of good fortune and attracting abundance and success. The home of the Celestial Dragon is the EAST, so placing a Dragon in the EAST of your home or living room will be very auspicious, symbolically bringing the “Dragon’s breath” into your home and thereby enhancing your wealth and good fortune luck. [spacer height="20px"] Measurements: Dragon Carving - H 8cm x W 9.5cm Complete Tassel - approx. L 39cm without loop, L 49cm including loop Colours: Dark Green, Light Green
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