Marriage Comb
Happy Marriage Comb
The Happy Marriage Comb has been designed to protect your marriage from troublesome third parties. Featuring the celestial Dragon and Phoenix, this comb is a symbol of a happy and successful marriage. The Dragon and Phoenix are considered the perfect couple and the perfect balance of Yin and Yang, where neither dominates over the other. The symbolism also includes the children of the couple, who will be devoted and bring a good name to the family. This comb will strengthen your marriage and protect against infidelity. It also makes an ideal wedding gift! All homes who place great importance on marriage and family will benefit from having the Happy Marriage Comb on display in the CENTRE. [spacer height="20px"]
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Rising Golden Dragon lifestyle
Rising Golden Dragon Holding a Pearl
The celestial Dragon is an all-time favourite Feng Shui symbol of good fortune and wealth luck and I am sure this stunning Rising Golden Dragon will be no exception! The Dragon brings with him all the best energies from the heavens above, which makes him the perfect enhancer for the No 6 Heaven Star. The most auspicious Chinese Dragon always holds a pearl it his claws, a symbol of success and achieving your goal, i.e. Dragon is proudly holding his prize high up for everyone to see! In 2023, the earth element – representing recognition, power and authority – is missing in the chart, which makes the colour yellow especially lucky and powerful. The Rising Golden Dragon is a wonderful enhancer for both your home and your office. In your home, the Dragon will bring all the good fortune and luck from heaven. In the office, the Dragon will boost good leadership qualities so the business will run smoothly, and staff will be motivated to be productive and effective. Place the Rising Golden Dragon holding a pearl in the WEST of your home or office. [spacer height="20px"]
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Spirit Essence Amulet lifestyle
Spirit Essence Amulet
Featuring the celestial Dragon and a vibrant Horse – revered for their strength, vitality and stamina – this Spirit Essence amulet will help boost your inner strength and motivation. The amulet also contains the Chinese proverb “Loong Ma Jing Sun”, which translates to “Wishing you the strength and vitality of the Dragon and the Horse”. When the spirit essence of a person is low, it is difficult to capture opportunities that come your way. This is where carrying this Spirit Essence amulet will help to boost your inner strength, motivation, courage and resolve, as these two strong creatures remind you of your own strength! Everyone can benefit from carrying this amulet. It is essential for the Ox, Dagon, Sheep and Dog, as they have low spirit essence in 2023. [spacer height="20px"]
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Light Green Dragon Tassel
Green Dragon Tassel
The Dragon has been a favourite Feng Shui symbol of good fortune for a very long time. In China, the Dragon has always been the official symbol of the Emperor, granting him the heavenly power to lead. In Feng Shui, the powerful energy of the Dragon is also referred to as the “Dragon’s breath”, bringing every kind of good fortune and attracting abundance and success. The home of the Celestial Dragon is the EAST, so placing a Dragon in the EAST of your home or living room will be very auspicious, symbolically bringing the “Dragon’s breath” into your home and thereby enhancing your wealth and good fortune luck. [spacer height="20px"] Measurements: Dragon Carving - H 8cm x W 9.5cm Complete Tassel - approx. L 39cm without loop, L 49cm including loop Colours: Dark Green, Light Green
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Green-Dragon-Lunar-Mansions-Harmonizing-Amulet on Handbag
Green Dragon Lunar Mansions Harmonizing Amulet
The right timing often makes the difference between success and failure. This Green Dragon Lunar Mansions amulet will help you get your timing right for your important moves, strategy and decisions. It will also activate the power of the Lunar Mansions to align the stars for you and bring you cosmic help. The Green Dragon is one of the strongest celestial creatures, bringing you success, confidence, charisma, leadership, energy and ambition – all important attributes to help you achieve success! If you want cosmic help to seize new opportunities and recognize the right timing, then this amulet is for you. [spacer height="20px"] Measurements:         Diameter approx. 4.5cm without chain Dragon approx.. H 2.5cm x W 2.1cm. [spacer height="20px"]
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Chinatown Singapore by Clare Haxby
Chinatown Singapore
I first saw this painting on Clare’s social media and immediately loved it. I loved the vibrant shades of Red and all the bits and pieces characteristic of Singapore’s Chinatown, including the famous dragon dance, which Clare so skillfully blended together. Chinatown is one of the most vibrant neighbourhoods to visit in the Little Red Dot, a riot of colour is everywhere, from the buildings to the cakes, trinkets and beautiful lanterns on sale in the shops and night markets. This print will certainly attract attention in your home! £285.00 GBP Please note that the “BUY PRODUCT” button will take you straight to Clare Haxby’s website where you can purchase the artwork. [spacer height="20px"]
Little Fiery Dragon
This little red Dragon is truly spewing fire! Flying high above your head it seems to be moving fast and unpredictably. Pictured against a red and gold Chinese lantern hanging above an electrical store, this print is reminiscent of old-world charm in Asia. The juxtaposition of a photographic image and embroidered texture adds to the vibrancy of the artwork. From S$295.00 Please note that the “BUY PRODUCT” button will take you straight to Louise Hill’s website where you can purchase the artwork. [spacer height="20px"]    
Annual Amulet with Rat and Dragon
Moving into the year 2023, this is an ideal amulet for those born in the Years of the Dragon or Rat to cement their friendship (they are astrological allies) and boost growth and wealth energy for both of them. Both zodiac animals are featured with wealth ingots, the Rat side also contains beautiful lotus flowers, while the Dragon is sitting on a Ru Yi, the ancient symbol of power and authority. This pretty amulet also includes the auspicious saying “Woh Hup Yue Yee”, meaning Harmony and Unity, which strengthens the positive Chi around you and ensures the year ahead will be smooth. It will further boost your success luck and help to overcome difficult times that may come up during the year. [spacer height="20px"]
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