Emerald Pagoda
The best cure for the dangerous No 5 Misfortune Star (also known as the “Five Yellow” or “Wu Wang”) is the 5 Element Pagoda. In 2023, the No 5 Misfortune Star flies into the NW, which is the sector of the patriarch and leader, and when the leader suffers misfortune, it will invariably affect everybody around him. It is therefore very important to protect the luck of your patriarch. All homes and offices benefit from a 5 Element Pagoda or an Emerald Pagoda in the NW this year (2023). [spacer height="20px"]
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Travel Protection Amulet with 28 Hums
Whether you are travelling for business or leisure or are just taking an excursion around town, the sacred HUM Syllable will dispel all kinds of evil harm and negativity coming your way. It will protect you from people with bad intentions, accidents and mishaps. So wherever you go, clip this amulet to your bag or handbag to ensure a smooth and safe journey/outing. This Travel Protection amulet is also an excellent protector against spiritual harm during Hungry Ghost month and for those who are often out late at night. [spacer height="20px"]
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Trinity of Apples Amulet front view
Trinity of Apples Amulet
This amulet will protect you against the quarrelsome energies of the No 3 Star. The three apples are embossed with the Anti-Conflict, Anti-Gossip and Anti-Lawsuit symbols to help prevent arguments from flaring up out of nowhere and getting out of control. In Chinese, the word for apple sounds like “peace”, hence the apple has become symbolic of peaceful and harmonious relationships. A wonderful keychain to carry with you and protect you from conflict situations and aggravation. [spacer height="20px"]
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Big Money Bull & Asset Wealth Bull
Big Money Bull and Asset Wealth Bull
The Money Bull and/or Asset Wealth Bull are great symbols to kickstart your wealth luck. They both make excellent wealth activators for people who invest in the stock market. The Big Money Bull comes together with the Wealth Mantra and Prosperity Amulet while the Asset Wealth Bull is featured walking through a sea of gold coins and ingots. Both represent the bull used on Wall Street, conveying the hidden Message “May the market bull for you”. You can display either of these bulls on your desk or in the location of the annual No 8 Wealth & Prosperity Star, which is SOUTH in 2023. Both bulls are powerful activators for stock market gains, increasing your net worth and wealth level and setting off big prosperity luck, providing you with a future free from worries. [spacer height="20px"]
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Pak Choy Amulet front
Pak Choy Amulet
This splendid Pak Choy amulet will help you attract wealth and lucrative opportunities wherever you go. The words “pak choy” sound similar to “fatt choy”, which means everlasting growth and prosperity. Translated directly, “pak choy” means “100 types of wealth luck”. The juicy and crisp green leaves represent growth and the colour green symbolises a good harvest. A good harvest is the basis of a good life and the Chinese have taken the symbolism further and see the pak choy as a sign of good fortune continuously coming in from many different directions. Everybody benefits from a boost in growth energy in 2023 thanks to the No 4 Star flying into the CENTRE. The No 4 Star is traditionally connected to love and romance luck but being a positive wood element star, it also represents growth, progress and development, good relationships and the creation of strong alliances. Suitable for everyone who is looking for wealth and growth. [spacer height="20px"]
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Three Sheep on a Mountain Amulet front
Three Sheep on a Mountain Amulet
There is plenty of wealth luck in 2023 but resource luck is sparse, making it difficult to access the wealth. Hence the symbolism of the Three Sheep on a Mountain is important this year. The Chinese saying “San Yang Kai Tai” goes back to the 18th Century and translates roughly to “Three sheep on the mountaintop bring new beginnings and fortunes”. This potent symbolism will help to unlock this year’s wealth potential. This wealth amulet also features the Wish-granting Mantra to activate the auspicious energies of the No 8 Wealth & Prosperity Star. Carry to activate the hidden wealth luck of the year and to attract money luck into your life. Suitable for everyone who wants to attract wealth luck! [spacer height="20px"]
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Big Money Bull Amulet lifestyle
Big Money Bull Amulet
This Big Money Bull amulet is a great wealth enhancer for people in business, people who invest in the stock market, as well as people who want their wealth and net worth to increase. The Bull is in a charging position, ready to make a stance. The stunning deep blue colour is a colour that the Chinese always associate with wealth. Attached to the keychain is a coin with Wealth Mantra and the Prosperity Amulet. The bull is a symbol of strength and resources and represents the Wall Street Bull, helping you to attract wealth and success. Carry this highly symbolic amulet if you wish to capture profitable opportunities and generate the greatest returns. [spacer height="20px"]
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Windfall Luck Amulet front
Windfall Luck Amulet
The Dog and the Rabbit are secret friends and bring fabulous windfall luck when they appear together. Windfall luck is an unexpected financial gain, wealth that comes as a sudden surprise. It could be in the form of a lottery win, a big bonus or promotion at work, a sudden increase in the value of your assets, an inheritance, or a rise to a higher rank. The Dog is carrying the Chinese character “Choy” around his neck, which means “Wealth”, while the back of the amulet features the Winning Talisman to support your winning luck this year. It is a great energiser for the No 6 Heaven Star as well as the Big Auspicious Star, attracting great good fortune and superb windfalls. [spacer height="20px"]
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Wealth Pi Yao Gold Talisman Card
Secret mantras are engraved in this Wealth Pi Yao Talisman Card to attract wealth and prosperity luck. It also features the Pi Yao, a celestial creature much loved for its ability to attract prosperity and protect against loss of wealth. Legend has it that the Pi Yao is the only creature that can eat gold and silver and keep it inside its stomach! It is a beautifully designed wealth talisman, perfect to carry with you in your wallet or purse. Keep it near you to invite wealth and income luck, to guard your income and to protect you from any possible misfortune arising from our current uncertain economic climate. You could also frame this talisman card and place it on your desk. [spacer height="20px"] Measurements: approx. W 8.5cm x H 5.3cm [spacer height="20px"]
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