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Magical Cosmic Apple Amulet
This Magical Cosmic Apple Amulet features the anti-argument amulet, which dissolves conflict and stops disagreements from flaring up and getting out of control, complemented by the anti-gossip amulet, which guards against trouble caused by loose tongues. Red and gold represent the fire and metal elements, which will subdue the argumentative wood energies of the No 3 star, which flies into the SE this year (2023). [spacer height="20px"] Measurements:    approx W 4.5cm x H 4.1cm without chain [spacer height="20px"]
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Red Talisman-Win-Court-Case Amulet
Talisman to win a Court Case
If you are going through any kind of legal proceedings, such as a court case, divorce, or any trouble with the authorities, you can carry this Anti-Court Case Talisman. This powerful amulet features Ksiddhigarbha’s Fireball, which will help you win in legal conflicts or court proceedings, bringing victory in legal fights. It also helps to resolve conflicts satisfactorily for everyone involved. [spacer height="20px"]
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