My oldest son graduated with his IB Diploma this summer and is now going to university in Scotland. Of course, I made it my mission to set up his room in the student halls of residence with the best Feng Shui possible!

This is the room as it comes. Pretty standard, and pretty small! The desk is built-in, and there is a built-in wardrobe between the bottom of the bed and the en-suite bathroom. The use of the space has been maximised, but this also means that there is no possibility of moving any furniture as there is simply no room.

Luke's Student Room BEFORE applying Feng Shui Tips


Taking the compass readings revealed that the room is on a SW-NE axis with the sleeping direction being SW. Unfortunately, my son belongs to the EAST Group and SW is his “Total Loss” direction! I was very upset and indeed, my son didn’t sleep well at all in the beginning.

Luckily the desk is facing SE, my son’s “Success” direction – so at least his studying should be going well. My son is planning to build a computer which will be placed on the desk. Even if the monitor ends up being angled towards the SOUTH or EAST directions, that will not be a problem as all these directions are good for him.

Luke's student room floor plan


The best thing to do in such a situation where you cannot move the furniture is to focus on having the right colours/elements in the right place according to the Eight Aspirations Formula of Feng Shui. That way you can at least create harmony and balance in the room.

Luke's student room AFTER Feng Shui Tips

  • The bed is in the WEST corner of the room, hence we chose white/grey bed linen to represent the metal element of the WEST. The matching bedside rug also has some brown stripes to match the earth element of the SW sector.
  • There was a plant sale during fresher’s week at the university campus and my son decided he wanted to have a small plant in his room. We have placed this in the SOUTH corner, in a red pot. If he takes good care of it, it will boost his “Fame and Recognition” luck.
  • Academic success is supported by an Education amulet, placed in the SOUTH for 2018, and a figure of Luo Han. The Bejewelled Luo Han is one of the 18 Chinese Saints, bringing auspicious luck for strategy as well as scholastic and academic achievements.

Feng Shui Dog Keychain

  • To counter the unfavourable sleeping direction, I have in the meantime sent my son a Black Obsidian Wu Lou, to be placed on the bedside table. This will repel the negative forces of his inauspicious sleeping direction and boost his health at the same time.
  • A green floor mat in the entrance area in the EAST part of the room will further boost my son’s health.
  • Lastly, I insisted that my son uses the Dog keyring I have bought him some time ago. The Dog is his secret friend and will enhance his friendship luck. Making new friends is one of the most important things when moving to a new place!

The En-Suite Bathroom

Bathrooms traditionally used to be small, badly ventilated spaces, and it is feared that the many drains in a bathroom cause you to flush away the luck of the sector in which the bathroom is located. To counter this negative effect, Feng Shui Masters recommend to apply the destructive cycle of elements.

5 Elements Feng Shui Chart

My son’s bathroom is predominantly in the NORTH sector of his room, which is connected to career luck and belongs to the water element. I was therefore delighted to see that a brand-new yellow shower curtain had been provided – exactly what we needed! We also added a cheerful yellow floor mat and sand colour towels and toothbrush holder, making the bathroom look very friendly.

Luke's Bathroom BEFORE Luke's Bathroom AFTER

Any possible negative energy has been subdued by adding earth colour accessories as earth destroys the water element of the NORTH. To compensate for the afflicted NORTH area, my son still needs to hang a poster or a picture featuring a water element (eg a landscape with water or a waterfall) in the NORTH corner of his entrance area.


It has now been two months and I am extremely happy that my son has settled in very well. His sleep has improved and it did not take him long to make new friends. It is a successful start for this new chapter in his life.

Mission accomplished!

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