Top Tips to Attract Wealth in 2019

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Wealth luck is strong in the Year of the Pig 2019 and there are great opportunities to enhance this. Hence I wanted to share my top tips to attract wealth and prosperity in 2019:

  • RED is the colour representing wealth and financial success in 2019, so wear red, especially to important meetings or events. That includes red ties for the gentlemen if a red shirt is too much
  • In 2019, the annual Wealth & Prosperity Star flies into the Centre, which is excellent news for everyone, as all family members can benefit from this. Homes with an open plan floor plan are particularly auspicious because having a generous, open centre area means that the auspicious wealth chi can easily spread into other parts of the home

Open-plan interiors for good Feng Shui

  • To attract wealth luck, you want to activate the annual Wealth & Prosperity Star in the Centre. This can be done by displaying wealth symbols, such as a wealth bowl, a wealth ship or a mountain of gold. If you prefer to work with elements, then you want to strengthen the earth element in your Centre area and add some fire element.
  • The photo below shows my own Centre area, where I have paired my figure of 8 with my wealth bowl, a large gold ingot and a golden pineapple tray I love. Would you believe that three of these four items were gifts I received? So have a look around your own home and see what ornaments you have that represent wealth. Be creative!

Lucy's Centre 2019 6x6cm

  • Remove wood element from the centre of your rooms as wood will weaken the earth element of the auspicious No 8 Wealth Star. So don’t have plants or flowers in your centre areas. If you have wooden furniture here which you cannot remove, add accessories representing earth and fire element and/or a wealth enhancer to attract wealth luck.
  • In the living room featured below I would recommend to remove the plant and add a terracotta, porcelain or glass plate (earth element) and candles (fire element) as an eye-catching feature on the coffee table.

Living Room w wooden coffee table & flower

  • Using art is another fabulous way to boost the auspicious energies of the year. If you have a wall in your Centre area, hanging a wealth painting will be excellent. There are so many options!
  • But you are not restricted to only enhancing the Centre area. The NW for example is another sector with excellent energy. You could hang a Pig (Boar) image here, especially if this is your office or family area, to attract the wealth energies of the Year of the Pig. This will benefit all family members and especially the patriarch.

Year of the Pig square
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4 March 2019

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