6 Ways Feng Shui can Help you to Success

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Winners and Losers_Feng Shui Tips for SuccessSuccess is a No 1 priority for many. Although the definition of success may vary from person to person, there are quite a few ways Feng Shui can help you achieve the success goal you have set yourself. First and foremost, it is important to create auspicious and supportive energy in your home and also at your work place. When doing so, you will want to focus on the following six areas:

  1. Looking at the Eight Aspirations Formula of Feng Shui, check your floor plan to confirm that the areas that are important for your success (most likely to be “Career” and “Recognition” luck) are not missing.
  2. Find out your personal good directions and use your “Sheng Chi/Success” direction at work.
  3. Make sure you sleep in one of your auspicious directions.
  4. Check that there is no clutter blocking your success luck – both, at your home and at your work place.
  5. Enhance the sectors connected to “Career” and “Recognition” luck which you have identified according to the Eight Mansions Formula of Feng Shui.
  6. Enhance your secret friend and allies (according to the Chinese zodiac) to bring helpful people into your life who can support you or open new doors for you.

Good luck!

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