Annual Forecast for the Year of the Metal Ox 2021

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General Outlook for the Year

The year 2020 turned out to be a challenging year as the world had to endure Covid19. Things will get better in the coming Year of the Metal Ox 2021. It is a year to rebuild and the No 6 Star, which is dominating the Flying Stars chart, will help us. The No 6 Star represents divine luck, luck from heaven, bringing opportunities and mentors.

We can also learn from the hard working and steadfast nature of the Ox. That is the way to make progress this year. Being focused on the task ahead will bring success. Get-rich-quick schemes and impatience will only lead to loss.

There is no Lap Chun in 2021, which means the year will come off to a slow start and will have very little growth. But it is not growth we are looking for this year. We are looking for healing energy as the world recovers and rebuilds its economies.

The Paht Chee chart shows excess water, bringing fierce competition, politicking and betrayal, as well as gossiping. We will see continued conflict and misunderstandings and it is therefore a year to be very cautious. The fire element represents wealth and financial success this year, which is completely missing in the chart. Luckily, there are hidden wealth opportunities in the middle of the year.

Let’s look at the Flying Stars Chart 2021 in more detail:

Annual Forecast for the Year of the Metal Ox 2021

One very lucky feature in this chart is the parent string combination of stars 3 / 6 / 9 on the SW – NE axis, which makes homes facing SW or NE very lucky as wealth comes easier to these houses.

This new chart takes effect from 4th February 2021. It is best if you have all your cures in place by then.

Remember that the stars affect you most when:

  1. Your main entrance is facing the direction (eg the No 2 Star affects you if your main entrance is facing NORTH).
  2. Your main entrance is located in the sector (eg the No 2 Star affects you if your main entrance is located IN the NORTH).
  3. Your bedroom is located in the sector (see No 2.)
  4. The star visits the location of your zodiac animal. For example, those born in the Year of the Rat are particularly susceptible to the illness energy brought by the No 2 Star this year as the zodiac location of the Rat is NORTH

When placing your new Feng Shui cures and enhancers for the New Year it is important to:

  • Energize the items before placing them (eg by bathing them in sunlight).
  • Have clear intent when placing the items.
  • Select a good day and a good window of time to place the cures and enhancers

Controlling the Affliction Stars

It is always better to be safe than sorry and the first step to your Annual Feng Shui Update should be to identify the location of the bad stars and subdue them using elements and symbolic cures.

The No 2 Illness Star flies into the NORTH

As the name suggests, the No 2 Star brings illness, which has been on everybody’s mind this past year. So this is one of the main afflictions we need to control this year because we are not over Covid yet. While the illness brought by the No 2 Star can be of any kind, in 2021 the kidneys are particularly affected, as well as people born in the Year of the Rat and the middle son.

The good news is that the Illness Star is not too strong this year, as the water element of the NORTH sector weakens the earth element of the star.

To counter the Illness Star this year, you want to start by removing earth and fire elements from your NORTH. Keep the lights dimmed. The area should also be kept quiet and elderly people and pregnant ladies should not have their bedroom in the NORTH.

The new cures for this year are the Healing Deer Carrying the Vase of Longevity and the Medicine Buddha & 7 Sugatas, especially if your main door is in the NORTH or facing NORTH. But you can of course also use the traditional cure – a metal Wu Lou.

Those of you who are able to go back to work or to school might like to carry a Medicine Buddha Amulet for Good Health & Protection or an Anti-Illness Amulet Card for added protection when you are out and about.

If you prefer to use elements, add metal ornaments to your NORTH sector.

Anti-Illness Amulet Card | Shop Now
Anti-Illness Amulet Card | Shop Now

The Quarrelsome No 3 Star flies into the SW

This aggressive star brings fighting and conflict energy and turns people into argumentative and short-tempered beings. It particularly affects the mothers and people born in the Years of the Sheep and Monkey this year. If you live in a SW facing house or your main door is facing SW/located in the SW, you will feel it too!

Make sure you protect your family harmony.

Keep this part of the home quiet, no TV, no radio, no parties in your SW rooms (!) and remove windchimes. You also want to remove wood elements from your SW, including plants, and add fire energy instead.

Light up your SW spaces (but not bathrooms) and add red accessories here, eg red sofa cushions in your SW living room, red table ornaments in your SW dining room, red bed linen in your SW bedroom, etc etc. A Laughing Buddha is also a great cure!  If you are looking for a Feng Shui cure, place a pair of Red Peace & Harmony Apples in your SW.

All mothers and the Sheep and Monkeys can carry an Apple Peace amulet to help them stay calm and protect them from other people’s anger.

The No 5 Misfortune Star flies into the SE

This is the most dangerous of the affliction stars, which can potentially bring great harm and serious misfortune and danger. It is important to keep this area as quiet as possible, do not carry out any renovations, drilling, or breaking walls in the SE this year.

Most afflicted are people born in the Years of the Dragon and Snake and the oldest daughter, as well as people living in SE facing houses. If your bedroom or office is in the SE you should take precautions too.

Luckily, the Five Yellow is not too strong this year, as the wood element of the SE weakens the earth element of the Misfortune Star. This makes it easier to cure, but it still needs to be attended to!

Start by removing earth and fire elements from your SE, including crystals. Then, you want to add some metal ornaments but not too much, as that would otherwise harm your prosperity luck. It is a fine balance sometimes!  The easiest would be to display the appropriate Feng Shui cure, which is the 5 Element Pagoda with Tree of Life, which will transform the negative energy into positive growth energy.

The group of people mentioned above are also highly recommended to carry a 5 Element Pagoda Amulet with Tree of Life when they are out and about.

The Burglary Star No 7 flies into the NW

The No 7 Robbery Star is a nasty star. In 2021 it flies into the NW, which represents leaders, bosses, heads of families. This is a serious affliction to deal with as it will affect people who are in very powerful positions and it can therefore bring a lot of problems.

The violent No 7 Star does not only bring burglary, robbery and financial losses, it also brings the danger of treachery and betrayals, leading to a lot of mistrust this year, affecting all levels of society.

The fact that the Burglary Star is very strong in 2021 makes it even more dangerous. You must place effective remedies to protect your family and your breadwinner.

Here you want to remove metal elements and ornaments from your NW and enhance the luck of the patriarch with symbols instead. Remember that any metal (or earth) elements you place here (which you would usually do to strengthen the NW) will also strengthen the No 7 Star.

If your main door is facing NW or located in the NW, the Anti-Burglary Plaque with Door Guardians will be your best cure. For smaller NW spaces including offices, an Anti-Burglary lumi tile will also be very effective.

For added protection, there are a number of suitable amulets to choose from this year:

  • Anti-Burglary Amulet – recommended for all patriarchs and those born in the Years of the Dog and Boar.
  • Night Protection Amulet – to be carried by those who work late.
  • Kuan Kung Anti-Betrayal Amulet – especially for businessmen, to avoid being cheated by business partners.
  • 28 Hums Protection Wheel Amulet – for protection against all kinds of harm and negative energy.
  • Anti-Jealousy Evil Eye Amulet – to shield you from harm caused by gossip and slander.

Anti Burglary Lumi Tile | Shop Now
Anti Burglary Lumi Tile | Shop Now

Enhancing the Auspicious Stars

Enhancing the auspicious stars is always a great way to improve your luck for the year, even more so when times are tough. The auspicious stars will be particularly good for you if your main entrance, home office, bedroom or animal palace is in this location.

The No 1 Victory Star flies into the SOUTH

The auspicious No 1 Star brings victory and success over challenges, triumph over your competitors, boosts career advancement, recognition and success at work. This excellent star must not be blocked by cutter in your SOUTH. If you have doors or windows in your SOUTH, do open them daily to invite this wonderful energy in!

In 2021, the No 1 Star is particularly lucky, as it is flanked by two Big Auspicious Stars and the Star of Golden Deity. This makes the SOUTH a very auspicious sector indeed. That means even in a difficult year, those of you living in SOUTH facing houses or with main door, office, or bedroom in the SOUTH can potentially be very successful. This also goes for people born in the Year of the Horse and the middle daughter.

Display a victorious horse figure or a Windhorse here to help you realize your goals and ambitions. For smaller spaces, especially for your work desk, a Windhorse lumi tile would be extremely useful. The Windhorse is a very powerful symbol that dates back to the old Tibetan Buddhism.

For those of you looking for promotion luck, a Dragon Horse is recommended, while those wanting to boost their business success, a Dragon Tortoise would be more suitable. Of course anyone who wants help to achieve their goals can carry a Windhorse Success amulet.

The No 4 Romance and Scholastic Star flies into the EAST

… and particularly benefits the oldest son and those born in the Year of the Rabbit. The No 4 Star brings the luck of Peach Blossom, which means love, romance and marriage opportunities. It also brings education luck for students young and old, as well as intelligence and creativity.

To activate education and study luck, you can display the Manjushri Gau (the Buddha of Wisdom) or a Dragon Carp in the EAST of your home or in the EAST of the student’s room. I am particularly thinking of all the students who have had a very disrupted year of learning and who are facing exams this year. Let’s help them by boosting the good energy for their study luck. There is also a new amulet this year, the Manjushri “Dhih” Scholastic amulet, which they can carry in their school bag or keep in their pencil case.

If it is love and romance you are looking for, then of course you will place a love enhancer in your EAST or in the EAST of your bedroom. If EAST is not possible, the SW is always a good place for a love enhancer.

The No 6 Star of Heaven flies into the CENTRE

This is wonderful news as heaven luck is exactly what the world needs this year to help get back on its feet and heal from the upheavals caused by the Covid virus. The No 6 Star is associated with many good things, such as attracting the cosmic luck of the heavens, bringing new opportunities and helpful people into your life.

Mentor luck plays a very big role in your fortunes in 2021. Your own creativity and intelligence will help you move forward but do not underestimate the help you get from others.

If you have plans or new ideas for 2021, do go ahead – heaven luck is with you! The most wonderful thing about the Heaven Star is that it benefits EVERYBODY this year! I greatly encourage you to activate this in the Centre of your home. I mean, where would we be without helpful people in our lives?

You can use metal ornaments to strengthen the No 6 Star, a Feng Shui enhancer, or of course a symbol or a God of your own faith who helps you make your dreams come true. As for Feng Shui enhancers, this year, the following are recommended:

  • Celestial Water Dragon – every home should have one.
  • Nobleman Gui Ren Talisman – perfect to place on your work desk to invite benefactors into your life who can open new doors for you.
  • 8 Celestial Immortals Plaque – in Chinese culture, the 8 Immortals represent all that is good, all that is wise and all that is beneficial. Each of the 8 Immortals brings a different type of luck, including healing power.
  • Dragon Heavenly Seal Amulet or a Nobleman Gui Ren Talisman Amulet – to attract the luck of heaven by bringing powerful and influential people into your life.

Heavenly Seal Amulet | Shop Now
Heavenly Seal Amulet | Shop Now

The Wealth & Prosperity Star No 8 flies into the WEST

EVERYBODY wants to know how to enhance their wealth luck! So you need to know that the No 8 Wealth Star flies into the WEST this year. Spend more time in this part of your home if you can to benefit from this most auspicious energy. This is the place for activities, music and bright lights.

This year, the No 8 Star favours those born in the Year of the Rooster.

The steadfast Ox is a very powerful symbol this year and will help activate your wealth luck in different ways:

  • Asset Wealth Bull – to bring short-term wealth, long-term wealth, new kinds of income, and to protect your current wealth.
  • Ox Finding Hidden Wealth – to unlock hidden wealth you didn’t even know you were capable of creating.
  • Rat & Ox Perfect Partnership – particularly for those looking for speculative investment gains. Can be placed anywhere in your home or office.
  • Annual Amulet 2021 – to attract prosperity and abundance and unlock the exciting hidden wealth of the year

Of course, the more “classic” wealth enhancers, such as a wealth bowl or a wealth tree, will also be very useful when placed in the WEST (but not in a bedroom).

Wealth luck is very limited in 2021, so it’s important to activate it.

The No 9 Power Star flies into the NE

This star brings the luck of future prosperity (think long-term) and completion luck. If you have been working on projects and keep getting stuck because of obstacles or unexpected problems, you can activate the No 9 Star to bring you a bit of cosmic help. This positive energy can particularly help those born in the Years of the Ox and Tiger, as well as the youngest son.

The No 9 Star is also a multiplying star and has the power to magnify the existing luck of the space – which can be good or bad! I therefore always recommend to check the natal stars of your house/apartment first to find out what kind of luck there is before you decide to activate it.

In 2021, the recommended enhancers are a 9 Golden Dragons Plaque or a miniature Wealth Cabinet, filled with gold coins and your wishes for the future written on a piece of paper.

Annual Amulet 2021 | Shop Now
Annual Amulet 2021 | Shop Now

This blog is a summary of my annual Feng Shui talk “What does the Year of the Ox have in store for us?” which I gave on 27 January via Zoom. If you are interested to watch the full presentation, please let me know or contact the China Collection (our host) or Expat Living (the organiser) so that we can arrange a re-run of the event. We would be delighted to do so! It would also offer a perfect opportunity for you to explore the gorgeous and funky Joo Chiat area.

Annual Feng Shui Update

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