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 6th June 2024 – 6th July 2024

Overall, the Flying Stars chart looks better than last month, thanks to the No 1 Victory Star dominating the chart in the CENTRE, promising successful outcomes and new beginnings for everyone. We can all look forward to some turning points and it is a good time to think further ahead and start preparations for the future.

The luckiest sectors this month are the EAST, NE and NORTH. In the NE, we see the Love & Romance Star, forming the “Sum of Ten” with the annual No 6 Star, bringing wonderful relationships, love and completion luck. The EAST and NORTH benefit from wealth and heaven luck respectively, while the SE is also fortunate, being the home of the new Prosperity Star this month.

Great care on the other hand is needed in the SOUTH, SW, WEST and NW. Please keep these areas quiet and use remedies as described below.

The Flying Stars chart below shows nine fields, each containing two numbers. The big number on the left of each field represents the annual star (red = afflictive, black = auspicious) and the smaller number on the right represents the current monthly star. These smaller numbers change every month and therefore create new energy patterns in your home and office.  

If you are not yet familiar with the compass orientations of your home, then please use a reliable compass to take the directions. I recommend taking the compass readings as follows:

  • Take one compass reading from your main door, looking out.

  • Take another reading from the center of your living room, looking towards your balcony or picture window.

These two readings should enable you to determine the compass directions and locations of your home, so you can ascertain which stars fly into which area.

Please take particular note of the location of your main entrance and your master bedroom, as the stars in those sectors will affect you the most. For those of you who work from home, the location of your home office/work station at home is obviously also important.

June 2024 Flying Stars chart


The monthly No 9 Star brings fame, wealth and opportunities for fast growth in your career and personal life, as well as completion luck. Your plans and projects will have a positive outcome. Prosperity luck with windfalls is also quite possible. Spend more time in your SE if you wish to benefit from these fabulous energies!

To activate this wonderful luck further, you can display the Great Increasing Wealth Bowl, a Lucky 9 Activator or a Double 9 Plaque in your SE.

To boost business growth and success, you can place the 9 Dragon Plaque in the SE of your office.

There are lots of loving vibes in the SE too, particularly benefitting couples with bedrooms here.

Those born in the Years of the Dragon or Snake can carry a Lucky 9 Charms amulet to further boost their good fortune this month.

SOUTH (7/5)

There is violence and misfortune in the SOUTH this month, including trouble at work, financial disputes or money loss. It would be best to avoid this sector and keep it quiet.

Display the White Umbrella Goddess Pagoda to subdue the monthly No 5 Misfortune Star and the Door Guardians with Ksitigarabha Staff Plaque to counter the annual No 7 Star.

Those living in SOUTH-facing homes or SOUTH bedrooms will be affected most and are advised to carry a White Umbrella Goddess Pagoda amulet for additional protections.

Carrying a Padlock of Wealth amulet or placing the Wealth Lock Coin in your SOUTH will protect you against money loss.


The No 7 Burglary & Loss Star puts a damper on the luck of the SW this month, bringing danger of break-ins, robberies, financial loss and betrayals. This will particularly affect the matriarch, people living in SW-facing homes, those who spend a lot of time in the SW and people born in the Years of the Sheep or Monkey. It is best to avoid too much activity and excessive noise in this area.

To protect your home and your family against break-ins and theft, place the Elephant & Rhino with Kisitgarbha’s Staff or the Door Guardians with Ksitgarbha Staff Plaque here.

If your main entrance or bedroom is in the SW, carry an Elephant & Rhino with Ksitigarbha Staff amulet this month for additional protection when you are out and about. Be alert and do not let your guard down. Be careful who you trust.

If you are in a relationship, pay more attention to your partner. You can also carry a Padlock of Love amulet to help protect your relationship.

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EAST (1/8)

The EAST continues to enjoy very auspicious energy this month, with the No 8 Wealth Star joining the No 1 Victory Star. It will be great to activate this area for new income and for growing existing wealth. Relationships will be happy and more fulfilling. Singles have good chances to find new love.

You can display the Buckets of Gold & Good Fortune here to harness these wonderful energies.

If you wish to boost your business luck, display a Cashflow Camel in Royal Blue in the EAST of your office.

In addition, you can carry a Water Wave with Pearl amulet to help invite wealth luck, especially if you are born in the Year of the Rabbit or live in an EAST-facing house.

CENTRE (3/1)

Luck in the CENTRE improves drastically with the No 1 Victory Star boosting everybody’s success luck! This is a good time to take on new challenges. If you have been working on new projects or new ideas you might find them taking off. Make good use of this fabulous opportunity!

You can carry a Period 9 Wind Horse amulet or a Prosperity Flag with Dragon amulet wherever you go.

In addition, place a Prosperity Flag with Dragon in the CENTRE of your home or office.

Students can also benefit and activate the energies for success in their exams by carrying an Eagle Scholastic amulet; but studying is part of the deal!

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WEST (5/3)

There will be conflicts and misunderstandings because of the No 3 Quarrelsome Star flying into the WEST. Please keep activities here to a minimum and keep the area quiet.

If your home faces WEST, there will be increased tension and arguments within the family. Carrying a Trinity of Apples amulet will help you stay calm.

You can place peace symbols in your WEST sector, the 3 Harmony Animals or a Red Peace Apple. A happy laughing Buddha will also help to keep the peace in your home.


Romance vibes, study luck and completion luck are strong in the NE this month. Spending time here will also benefit those of you who are looking to move up in their career or boost their business success.

If you are single, you can place a pair of Bejewelled Mandarin Ducks in your NE to help you find a new love. (Married) couples can use the Double Happiness Vase with Lilies instead, but the Mandarin Ducks will be good too.

Students can harness the energy of the No 4 Star for study luck by placing the Scholar with Eagle Mini Plaque in the NE of their home or study room.

The No 4 Star also helps with networking luck and creates the powerful “Sum of Ten” together with the No 6 Heaven Star, offering fabulous opportunities.

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NORTH (8/6)

The NORTH is also a very auspicious sector this month thanks to the influence of the No 6 Heaven Star, bringing a helping hand whenever you need it. Together with the annual No 8 Star, the combined energies also bring recognition and promotion luck. This is another area to spend more time in this month so you can reap the benefits.

To activate, you can place the Goddess Namgyalma in your NORTH (but not in a bedroom) and carry a Nobleman Gui Ren Talisman amulet.

Boost your wealth luck with the Young Green Dragon and carry a Tai Kat Tai Ley amulet.

Those of you living in NORTH-facing houses or NORTH bedrooms can also carry a Heaven Seal Talisman or wear an Infinite Blessings Ring to harness the fabulous energies.


The No 2 Illness Star flies into the NW and particularly affects the patriarch this month, people in leading positions and those born in the Years of the Dog or Boar. Also people living in NW-facing homes and those who spend a lot of time in the NW will be afflicted by bad health and low energy, possibly also accidents and injuries. Please be careful and do not take your good health for granted. Make sure you get enough rest and stop burning your candle from both ends.

To protect your health, you can place a Pair of Cranes with Peaches & Bamboo or a Medicine Buddha Plaque on your bedside table and carry an Abundance Wu Lou amulet when you are out and about.

Elderly people should avoid sleeping in a NW bedroom this month.

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Source: World of Feng Shui

28 May 2024

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