Festive Feng Shui: Choosing the Best Spot for your Christmas Tree in 2023

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December is here and the countdown to Christmas is on. One of the most exciting events to mark the start of this magical period is putting up your Christmas tree. Do you have a designated spot for it? Is it going to be the same as every year? Or do you like to move things around?

As you can imagine, being a Feng Shui Consultant, I need to look at the energies of the month before I decide where our tree will go. I actually have two regular spots in our living room, and one of them usually works well.

After all, a Christmas tree with all its twinkling lights has powerful energy, and we might as well use it to boost our good fortune! On the other hand, there are certain areas each month that are better kept quiet, and this is also something worth considering before making a decision.

So here are my top three suggestions for where to place your Christmas tree this year:
  1. In the WEST of your living room (or dining room/family room) – this is one of the most auspicious areas this December, where the energies promise good news and fabulous opportunities coming your way.

  1. In the NW of your living room – where wealth luck is strong this December and will be activated by lights and activity.

  1. In the SW of your living room – another very auspicious area, supporting increased creativity, study luck, romance luck and good networking luck.

One of my “usual” corners for our Christmas tree is the EAST of our living room. I will not use that this year though because the Feng Shui energies there are rather unpleasant and full of dangers, which would only be aggravated by the bright lights of the Christmas tree – and I certainly don’t want that!

I hope one of the auspicious areas will work for you and I wish you a joyful Christmas season and a very merry Christmas!

1 December 2023

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