How to Cleanse Your Feng Shui Cures for the New Year

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I wrote this blog before Covid, the last time when my good friend Karina cleansed my Feng Shui cures and enhancers in person. Now she does it remotely, currently from New Zealand! In any case, the information in this blog is still valid, so I thought I’d share it again.

Karina has wonderful healing powers and her energy work is truly magical. She had offered to cleanse my feng shui items energetically before she was going to leave, and I was really grateful for her offer. Karina used incense and her spiritual skills to bring new life to my collection of feng shui items. She also identified a number of amulets that were too exhausted and had no protective powers left. They will be buried in my garden. With everything back in place and wonderfully energized I feel ready and well equipped to welcome the New Year. All I will need to do is dust my cures and enhancers and move them to their new locations on an auspiciuos day.

Karina cleansing my Feng Shui things

However, if you do not have a magical friend like Karina, you can cleanse your cures and enhancers yourself so that you can use them for another year or more.

First, please check that they are still in good condition and not rusty, chipped, or broken. Annual feng shui cures have protected you and your family for the past year so their power of protection is now exhausted. They have absorbed a lot of the bad vibes of whatever danger or affliction they have shielded you from, eg illness or accidents. This is why it is important to cleanse and re-energize your cures before placing them in their new position to protect you for another long year. If you do not take the time to cleanse and re-vitalize your cures properly they will have no energy left to protect you, and this is a dangerous way to practice feng shui.

So how do you cleanse your feng shui items?

The easiest method is to use salt. It needs to be coarse sea salt or rock/mountain salt. Never use artificial salt. You can dissolve the salt in water or just rub the cures and enhancers all over with the salt, rinse them well and dry them with a clean, dry cloth. Take care not to scratch or damage brass or bronze materials when rubbing the salt on them, and be careful when you use the salt “bath” if your product is made of metal, or it might rust. The salt will effectively cleanse away all the negative vibes collected and absorbed by the cure or enhancer in the previous year.

Remember to throw away any contents before you start, eg any earth inside a five-element pagoda needs to be taken out.

After cleansing, let the cures and enhancers bathe in sunlight for several hours to re-energize them. In addition, you can empower your objects with mantras or by applying reiki if you like. (Then you can re-fill them with new earth if necessary.)

Another method is to use saffron water. This is particularly effective (and gentle!) for mantra plaques, sacred Buddhist images and crystal balls or jewels. Simply soak the items in saffron water that has been placed in the morning sun for three hours. Saffron should be easily available in the shops in most countries and although it might be a bit pricey in some places, it is well worth it. Place your items in the saffron water for an hour and then wipe them down with a clean, dry cloth. You can of course also wipe down all your other feng shui cures, plaques or figurines with this saffron sun water.

I still recommend not to recycle your cures too often though. They do get tired and lose some of their efficiency despite proper cleansing.



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