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Chinese New Year is the biggest holiday in Asia and is celebrated for a duration of 15 days. Many shops and offices will be closed at least part of that festive time the important question is: WHEN is it a good time to return to work?

This is quite significant because each day has a different kind of energy and it is believed that picking the best day to return to work or re-open your shop will influence the rest of the year, whether it will be successful or not.

In addition to the date, consideration should also be given to your zodiac animal sign when deciding on the date to return to work (even if you work at home) or re-open your office or business. It is best to select a day that does not conflict with the owner and/or the key executives and managers. Conflict animals on the chosen date ought to delay their return to work by a day if possible. Many people believe that re-opening your business on an unfavourable day will result in problems and obstacles popping up throughout the year.

This year, Chinese New Year falls on the 10th February 2024.

So let’s start the Year of the Wood Dragon 2024 right!

These are the BEST days to START work/re-open your business after CNY:

Date   Conflict Animal (ie not a good day for this zodiac animal)
Friday 16th February 2024 7th Day of CNY Dragon
Sunday 18th February 2024 8th Day of CNY Horse
Tuesday 20th February 2024 11th Day of CNY Monkey
Thursday 22nd February 2024 13th Day of CNY Dog

The following are AVERAGE days to START work/re-open your business:

Date   Conflict Animal
(ie not a good day for this zodiac animal)
Sunday, 11th February 2024 2nd Day of CNY Boar
Tuesday, 13th February 2024 4th Day of CNY Ox
Wednesday, 14th February 2024 5th Day of CNY Tiger
Thursday, 15th February 2024 6th Day of CNY Rabbit
Saturday, 17th February 2024 8th Day of CNY Snake
Monday, 19th February 2024 10th Day of CNY Sheep
Wednesday, 21st February 2024 12th Day of CNY Rooster
Friday, 23rd February 2024 14th Day of CNY Boar


Monday, the 12th February 2024 and Saturday, the 24th February 2024 are the only days not mentioned in both tables above – it would be best to AVOID ALL ACTIVITIES ON THESE DAYS. Just take a rest day at home if you can.

I hope you will be able to pick a suitable date and of course I also hope sharing these dates will help you plan accordingly. All the best for a successful Year of the Dragon 2024!

CNY 2024 Back to Work

Source for the list of dates: Lillian Too

13 January 2024

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