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7th July 2023 – 7th August 2023

July will see increasing conflicts in our immediate as well as wider relationships and our patience will be tested due to the No 3 Star in the CENTRE. Strong remedies will be needed here to prevent the hostile energies from causing too much damage.

In addition, the SE and SOUTH sectors are afflicted by the Illness and Robbery & Loss Star respectively, while the WEST is under the influence of the No 5 Misfortune Star. People who spend a lot of time in these areas need to particularly look out for their health, personal safety and finances.

The more auspicious areas are the EAST, NE, NORTH and NW, which are enjoying positive energy boosts. The “Sum of Ten” brings excellent completion luck to the SW. These are the best areas for your daily activities this month.

The Flying Stars chart below shows nine fields, each containing two numbers. The big number on the left of each field represents the annual star (red = afflictive, black = auspicious) and the smaller number on the right represents the current monthly star. These smaller numbers change every month and therefore create new energy patterns in your home and office.

To apply these monthly stars successfully, you need to map out the compass sectors in your home or office. If you are not yet familiar with the compass orientations of your home, I recommend you take two compass readings as follows:

  • one compass reading from your main door, looking out, and
  • another reading from the center of your living room, looking towards your balcony or picture window

These two readings should enable you to determine the compass directions and locations of your home, so you can ascertain which stars fly into which area.

Please take particular note of the location of your main entrance door and your master bedroom, as the stars in those sectors will affect you the most. For those of you who work from home, the location of your home office/work station at home is obviously also important.

Flying Stars Chart July 2023


The SE is afflicted by the No 2 Illness Star this month, causing you to fall ill easily, succumb to mental stress or get affected by negative entities. Accidents and injuries are also more prevalent in areas that are afflicted by the No 2 Star. This is a particular danger to people living in SE-facing homes or those with bedrooms or home office in the SE.

Elderly people or those who are already suffering from health issues should avoid spending time in this area.

To cure the illness vibes, you can display a metal Wu Lou here and carry a Healing Herbs & Longevity Amulet to strengthen your inner Chi. Wearing the Blue Hues Sacred Protection Scarf or a 28 Hums Protection Amulet will help to ward off harmful spirits.

SOUTH (8/7)

The No 7 Burglary & Loss Star dampens the luck of the SOUTH this month, as it brings danger of loss and betrayal. If you live in a SOUTH-facing house or your bedroom or home office is located in the SOUTH, there is serious danger of you getting cheated, backstabbed or robbed by a person you trust. That means be careful who you trust! It is better to lie low this month and don’t draw too much attention to yourself.

To protect your home and yourself, you can display an Anti-Burglary Plaque or the Royal Elephant & Cosmic Rhino pair in your SOUTH. In addition, you can display a Rooster or a Kuan Kung Mini Plaque in your SOUTH or on your work desk to ward off people who wish to harm your reputation.

To protect your wealth, you can carry a Wealth Lock Amulet.


The SW is one of the luckiest sectors this month, with the No 9 Power Star strengthening the annual No 1 Victory Star and the two stars forming the fabulous “Sum of Ten” combination. This is excellent news for those of you who are born in the Years of the Sheep or Monkey as well as those who spend a lot of time in the SW and the matriarchs. Your career or business prospects will receive a boost, new opportunities will present themselves and your plans will work out nicely. The “Sum of Ten” can also help you enhance your wealth and reputation and secure a more stable future. Don’t miss the chance to activate this promising energy!

You can display a Nine Rank Badge or the Red Arowana in your SW (but not in a bedroom) to activate the good fortune.

To harness the completion luck of the “Sum of Ten”, carry the Sum of Ten Amulet.

For success in your career, you can display the Dragon Tortoise Ru Yi in the SW of your office.

EAST (2/1)

The luck in the EAST improves this month too, thanks to the No 1 Victory Star flying in. This brings an abundance of success and recognition luck, making it the perfect sector to activate for those of you who are pursuing academic success or career advancement. The No 1 Star attracts new opportunities and positive transformations into your life, helping you to get ahead of the competition and achieve your goal(s). It also boosts your courage and sharpens your intuition and leadership abilities.

To activate, you can display a Joyous Wind Horse in your EAST and carry the Joyous Wind Horse Amulet.

Students would benefit from spending more time in this area to harness the lucky energy.

However, please make sure this sector does not get too noisy, as this could aggravate the annual No 2 Illness Star. For protection, you want to display a metal Wu Lou or the Great Magic Tortoise here.

CENTRE (4/3)

Quarrelsome energy is dominating in the CENTRE and therefore affecting everybody. This will put a strain on your relationships, possibly leading to nasty arguments and even legal problems. Family harmony might be seriously out of tune. Make sure you stay calm at work too, as the No 3 Star might make progress difficult if you lose your temper. Avoid making decisions when you are feeling angry.

It is imperative to counter the conflict energy in the CENTRE! If you wish to use a Feng Shui cure, you can display the Trinity of Apples. In addition, adding red accessories in your CENTRE area will be highly beneficial too. This can be a red rug, a red table runner, red sofa cushions, a red painting … be creative!

Protect your friendships and relationships by carrying a Trinity of Apples Amulet or the Magic Cosmic Apple Amulet, as that will help to keep you calm and not upset anybody. Married couples can display a Happy Marriage Comb on their bedside table to help keep their loving bond strong.

Magical Cosmic Apple Amulet Lifestyle
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WEST (6/5)

The WEST ought to be kept quiet this month, as it is home to the monthly No 5 Misfortune Star and any kind of noise – including knocking, drilling, renovations or loud music – is likely to aggravate the misfortune energy. Relationships could suffer due to increased conflict chi and money loss is possible. If your bedroom or main entrance is in the WEST, you might stumble against obstacles and be more prone to illness.

To cure the negative energy, you can display an Emerald Pagoda in your WEST and carry the Emerald Pagoda with Om Ah Hum Amulet.

Carrying a Wealth Lock Amulet will help to protect you from financial losses while carrying a 28 Hums Protection Lotus Amulet will dispel physical dangers and also protect you from spiritual harm.


The No 6 Heaven Star brings mentor and windfall luck to the NE, changing the luck here for the better. Obstacles that seemed impossible before will disappear. It will be easier to achieve success and the increased mentor luck can help you in your career and to achieve your personal goals.

You always want to enhance the No 6 Star!

For mentor luck, you can hang or display the Jade Emperor Windchime in your NE, especially if your main door is facing NE.

For increased windfall luck, you can display the Windfall Luck Activator here and carry the Windfall Luck Activator keychain.

If it is support you need, you can attract this by carrying a Nobleman Star Talisman Amulet.

Use this sector often and spend more time here if you wish to benefit from this wonderful heaven energy but remember to keep the annual No 7 Robbery & Loss Star under control with appropriate protection (e.g. an Anti-Burglary Lumi Tile). In addition, those of you born in the Years of the Ox and Tiger should carry an Armoured Rhino & Elephant Keychain wherever they go.

NORTH (9/8)

Wealth luck remains strong in the NORTH, making it a really auspicious sector to activate if you wish to improve your finances and generate more income. If you are running your own business, I highly recommend you activate the NORTH too – both in your home and your office (but not in a bedroom).

Display wealth symbols like a figure of 8, the 3 Sheep on a Mountain, Pak Choy or a Wealth Bowl and for added wealth luck, you can carry one of the popular wealth amulets.

If your work desk is located in the NORTH, make sure you face your Sheng Chi direction and display the Cosmic Raven on your desk to increase your income and see your investments grow.


Luck in the NW improves too thanks to the No 4 Star flying in. This will be particularly beneficial for those who spend a lot of time in the NW, as the No 4 Star will boost creativity, inspiration and scholastic success.

To activate, you can display the Manjushri Wisdom Stupa or the Brush with View of 3 Peaks. Students of all ages will also benefit from carrying a Wisdom Pagoda with Scholastic Talisman Amulet or an Annual Amulet with 5 Stars to help enhance their concentration und understanding of their study topics.

The NW also enjoys increased love & romance luck and if you wish to activate this, you can display the Kurukulle Mini Plaque or Romance Comb here.

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Source: World of Feng Shui

2 July 2023

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