How to Cleanse Your Feng Shui Cures for the New Year

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We have just entered the new calendar year and every year the same question arises: Can I re-use my Feng Shui cures and enhancers, or do I need to replace them?

It is important to address this before the 4th of February, because this is when the energies of the new year have settled into their new locations. This year, however, we have a bit more time, as the actual Chinese New Year is on 10th February 2024. This is the date by which you should have ideally updated your Feng Shui.

I am a great believer in recycling and the good news for you is that YES, you CAN recycle your Feng Shui cures and enhancers! To do so, the items need to be cleansed and re-energised before you can place them in their new locations for the new year.

The cures and enhancers for your house and for your annual Feng Shui have protected and supported you and your family for a whole long year, and they are exhausted at the end of it. The cures have absorbed many of the afflicting vibes they were meant to remedy, and the power of the enhancers has diminished too during the year.

So, how do you cleanse and re-energize your Feng Shui items?

The easiest method is to use salt. It needs to be coarse sea salt or rock/mountain salt. Never use artificial salt. You can dissolve the salt in water or just rub the cures and enhancers all over with the salt, rinse them well and dry them with a clean, dry cloth. Take care not to scratch or damage brass or bronze materials when rubbing the salt on them and be careful when you use the salt “bath” if your product is made of metal, or it might rust. The salt will effectively cleanse away all the negative vibes collected and absorbed by the cure or enhancer in the previous year. Remember to throw away any contents before you start, eg any earth inside a Five Element Pagoda needs to be taken out. After cleansing, let the cures and enhancers bathe in sunlight for several hours to re-energise them. In addition, you can empower your objects with mantras or by applying reiki if you like.

Wooden Bowl with Salt

Another method is to use saffron water. This is particularly effective (and gentle!) for plaques, sacred Buddhist images and crystal balls or jewels. Simply soak them in saffron water that has been placed in the morning sun for three hours. Saffron should be easily available in the shops in most countries and although it might be a bit pricey in some places, it is well worth it. Place your items in the saffron water for an hour and then wipe them down with a clean, dry cloth. You can of course also wipe down all your other feng shui cures, plaques or figurines with this saffron sun water.

As an alternative, I can also recommend my friend Karina, who is a Feng Shui Master Consultant and an Energy Healer, who offers to energetically cleanse and revitalize your Feng Shui objects with her healing powers. As she is constantly travelling and not living in Singapore, she developed the ability to conduct the item cleansing remotely from wherever she stays at that moment.

In this cleansing process Karina clears all the old energy residues and re-empowers each and every cure or activator. At the end, she also tells me which of the items can be re-used and which ones have done their duty and need to be replaced.

Karina has done this for me for several years now (since Covid, in fact), and it gives me great reassurance to know that my many Feng Shui items are ready to work their magic for another year.

Below, I’m sharing a photo of the last time when Karina cleansed my items in person. Now, I just arrange them on the dining table and make sure the dining room is quiet and undisturbed for a couple of hours while Karina carries out the cleansing ceremony. It is a vital part of my annual preparations for the new Feng Shui year.

Karina cleansing my Feng Shui things

Old cures that have no life left, such as five element pagodas, windchimes or wu lous can be wrapped in white paper and disposed of. However, burying them in your garden – preferably in the N, NW or W corners – is a better way. But please check the afflictions of the year to make sure you don’t disturb the Tai Sui or the 3 Killings. In 2024, the Tai Sui lives in the SE and the 3 Killings are in the South.

Tai Sui plaques from previous years can be wrapped in black cloth and stored away in a cupboard.

Tai Sui Plaque lifestyle

I do recommend not to recycle your cures too often though, to be on the safe side.

2 January 2024

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