Lillian Too’s Feng Shui Extravaganza 2019

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The annual Feng Shui Extravaganza is always my highlight of the year. It gives me a chance to reconnect with my great Master, Lillian Too, while getting all her updates for the coming new year. Plus, it really is a very entertaining Sunday!

Lucy's seat at Lillian Too's Feng Shui ExtravaganzaI just love the energy at the Extravaganza and as usual we arrived early to be able to soak it all in before the event starts. Lillian Too and her team really know how to make friends feel special – for the second year running, we had VIP seats in the second row! What I also enjoy about the Extravaganza is the fact that it is my personal catalyst to start thinking about the new year. A new year brings a new beginning – and I sure am ready for it (in a positive way!).

It is amazing to think that Lillian Too has been conducting these Feng Shui Extravaganzas since 1998! She really has popularized Feng Shui and the understanding of energy.

The Year of the Boar will bring lots of wealth luck for everyone and it is a year to think BIG! It is also the last year of the current cycle, then a new 180-year cycle will begin with the Year of the Rat in 2020.

The Feng Shui Chart (Flying Stars) of 2019 is very interesting.

Flying Stars Chart 2019

The influence of the earth energy is still very strong this year. If you look at the chart above you will see the numbers 2, 8 and 5 in a diagonal sequence. This is called the “Earth String Combination” and brings prosperity and harmony in the family.

The opposite diagonal shows the numbers 7, 8 and 9, the so-called “Pearl String” sequence. This also brings continuous money luck and prosperity to everyone in the household, but only if there is no toilet, kitchen or store room in one of these sectors.

In the centre of the chart we have the “White String” combination, which contains the lucky numbers 1, 6 and 8. This means, wealth continues for three generations and there is also good business luck. If you can, it would be great to spend more time in these areas, so you can enjoy the auspicious energy.

But please look out for the Illness Star in the NE and the Five Yellow Star in the SW next year. While they are auspicious as part of the “Earth String Combination”, they can nevertheless cause great harm to the Tiger and Ox (Illness Star) and the Sheep, Monkey and the Matriarch (5 Yellow) next year. Strong protection is vital.

Please also be aware of the Renovation Taboos for 2019 as follows:

  • NW3 – Tai Sui
  • SW – 5 Yellow
  • WEST – 3 Killings

The Paht Chee Chart for 2019

The Paht Chee Chart matches pretty well with the Flying Stars Chart, which is quite rare! It is filled with promises and good potential.


Paht Chee Chart 2019

The main points are:

  • The chart contains all 5 elements, which makes it a stable and well balanced year. We will experience less drama than last year!
  • There is no Lap Chun, which means that growth energy is slow. But it is a very good year to start a business or to expand your business – just wait until after 4 February. It is also a good year to diversify.
  • The chart contains the Tiger and the Boar, who are secret friends – this brings harmony. Also, the Boar is a very conciliatory animal, so the anger energies of the year 2018 (the ferocious, barking Dog) will start to dissipate soon. The secret friends will also bring hidden helpful people into your life. This is particularly lucky for those who are born in the Year of the Tiger.
  • The year pillar is clashing, with earth above water, which can cause earth and water disasters, such as earthquakes, landslides and typhoons, flash floods and tsunamis.
  • But the water in the year pillar also brings income wealth. 2019 will be a better year than 2018.
  • The month pillar has producing elements, which means your parents will bring you good luck.
  • The day pillar represents yourself and your spouse. It is important to keep communications open. When you are at peace with your partner and yourself, you can achieve your dreams.
  • The hour pillar represents your children and the younger generation. It also shows that your children will bring you wealth luck.

The Influence of the 5 Elements in 2019

Element Areas of Life
Fire Extremely strong wealth luck.

Tip: Shine a light on your wealth enhancers!

Earth Brings recognition and power. Having strong earth element in 2019 means authority will be used but in a subtle way.
Metal Brings good resources and support.
Water Brings friends and good friendship luck. It also indicates strategic wealth, meaning that wealth is brought by good contacts.
Wood Brings creativity and innovation, as well as good thinking and strategy – creativity in wealth enhancement!

So, Red is the lucky colour next year to help you attract wealth luck. Wearing Red will be very auspicious and Lillian Too even advocated her red lipstick! That’s what I love about her – her light-hearted humour and her ability to make Feng Shui simple, practical and fun. I hope she will hold these Extravaganzas for many more years to come!

Lucy and Lillian Too Dec 2018

12 December 2018

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