Lillian Too’s Feng Shui Extravaganza 2022

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A date, that has been in my calendar for quite some time: 3 – 5 December 2021 for Lillian Too’s Feng Shui Extravaganza 2022. As you would expect, it was another virtual event with pre-recorded video presentations, where Lillian was joined by her team: her daughter Jennifer, her brother Phillip and her nephew Han Jin. The Extravaganza has always been a great highlight for me, as this is where I get all the relevant Feng Shui updates for the coming year directly from Lillian Too. Plus, meeting Lillian live was always such an incredible experience and the whole venue including thousands of attendees used to be buzzing with excitement.

So this year I spent the most part of the three screening days in my office, watching the video presentations and taking notes. My good friend Josephine joined me on Sunday in my office, which was great because we have attended every single Feng Shui Extravaganza together ever since I moved to Singapore (back in 2007!). Afterwards we followed our tradition of meeting our husbands for dinner, just like we used to do after the live Extravaganza (only the excited children were missing, who couldn’t wait to see what I had brought back for them.) It was a good weekend and I was delighted to see Lillian in good health and in great spirits. Her positive energy is such an inspiration for me every year.

Lillian Too Welcome Extravaganza 2022

So, without further ado, let me share a summary of Lillian’s predictions.

We are approaching the Year of the Water Tiger but in fact there are THREE Tigers in the chart. Tigers generally bring wealth, but don’t forget that the Tiger is also a wild animal, so it is associated with danger too – times three!  Therefore, you will see a lot of statues of Wealth Gods sitting on three Tigers this year, which is a very powerful symbolism for the Chinese, because the Wealth Gods control the tigers and make them docile. This is the best way to activate the wealth-bringing attributes of the Tiger. But please be aware that there will also be a lot of conflict, difficulties and tremendous competition.

Paht Chee Chart for the Year 2022

Paht Chee Chart 2022

Please take note of these main indications for 2022:

      • Metal and Fire elements are missing, which means the chart is very unbalanced.
      • The Fire element represents resources, support and authority. Luckily, there are 3 hidden Fire elements, which can mean that we will find hidden resources. To strengthen the Fire element in your life, you can wear something red throughout the year.
      • The Metal element represents intelligence and creativity. This is completely missing (and no hidden Metal elements), which indicates a complete lack of rational thinking and common sense. To make up for the missing Metal element, you can wear more gold and silver jewellery and the colour white.
      • There are 4 elements of Wood, which is way too much and indicates an intense desire for power and authority. It could also mean that people in charge might misuse their power.
      • The 3 Water elements indicate that wealth is to be made. However, it is an unbalanced chart, which means that the wealth will not be evenly spread.
      • All four pillars and all elements are YANG, which means there will be a lot of impulsive reactions, people will act too quickly and without thinking. Lillian Too’s advice: Be careful and stay clear of conflict. There is no benefit in being frank and open next year, hold back and be more diplomatic to avoid unnecessary arguments because next year conflicts can be long lasting.
      • In the Month and Year Pillars we see Yang Water supporting Yang Wood, which indicates financial support for those in power as well as those in technology. Be careful when investing though.
      • The Day Pillar is the most important pillar as it represents the self-element of the year. Here we see Yang Earth clashing with Yang Water, an indication that friends might fight with each other over money or authority.
      • Earth is the self-element of the year. With 1 Earth element in the chart this is weak, but this is a good sign as it means that the majority of the people will be willing to cooperate and collaborate.
      • The overall energy of the year is very competitive and fierce, especially with regards to money.
      • Three Tigers indicate big risks but also big opportunities if you are well prepared. Remember to think carefully though and not be impulsive before you act. In addition, we see the Rat in the Day Pillar, which is another wealth-bringing animal sign.
Special Stars in 2022

There are also a number of special stars hidden in this year’s Paht Chee chart:

      1. Travelling Horse Star – brings an increase in domestic and international travel as countries are opening up. Whilst most of us will be excited to hear this, Lillian stressed that we must continue to be cautious and carry protective amulets, especially when travelling.
      1. Talent Star – this is a good sign for this year as it balances out the lack of creativity in the Paht Chee chart. The Talent Star helps you to develop your natural abilities and discover new talents.
      1. Toxic Star – brings danger of the emotional kind, such as jealousy and irrational behaviour, which could turn into ugly fights.
      1. Yin Gate Star – particularly affects the earth element animal signs Ox, Dragon, Sheep and Dog, as it weakens their spiritual protection. These animal signs should reinforce their spirituality and carry protective amulets

The Feng Shui (Flying Stars) Chart of the Year 2022:

This year’s Flying Stars chart brings us back to the original Lo Shu chart, which forms the basis of Flying Star Feng Shui (the analysis of energy in a limited space, such as a house, apartment or room). The chart, and therefore the energy of the year, is dominated by the No 5 Misfortune Star in the Centre, which affects every home/building and everybody in it. This means, everybody needs to be very very careful this year.

Flying Stars Chart 2022

Please take note of the No 2 Illness Star in the SW, which affects the matriarch, and therefore the whole family (!), as well as those born in the Years of the Sheep and Monkey. The No 2 Star is very strong this year and not to be taken lightly. In fact, all stars are very strong this year as they are back in their original element location.

On a positive note, the 2 – 5 – 8 stars on the SW – NE axis form the so-called Parent String, which is very auspicious, and the NE, N, NW are blessed with the 8 – 1 – 6 white stars. It would be great if you could re-arrange your furniture so you can spend more time in the lucky NE, N and NW areas.

Here, the No 6 Heaven Star in the NW is particularly noteworthy, as this benefits the patriarch, the father of the family. And when the father enjoys good fortune, the whole family benefits! This also applies to leaders, bosses, heads of companies, heads of states, heads of countries. And although there is a lot of aggressive and hostile energy in 2022, the No 6 Star in the NW bodes well for the whole world.

In addition, energizing the No 4 Star would be useful for everybody because creativity is missing in the Paht Chee chart.

Likewise, it is also worth energizing the No 9 Star of Future Prosperity because this gets stronger and stronger as we move closer to Period 9. It also makes the Horse a very strong animal sign this year.

Please also be aware of the Renovation Taboos for 2022 as follows:

  • NE3 – Tai Sui
  • NORTH – 3 Killings
  • CENTRE – 5 Yellow

Remember to keep these areas quiet and don’t carry out any renovations, drilling, knocking or digging here. Even loud music can be a “disturbance” to the energy (and particularly to the Tai Sui), so avoid having parties in these parts of your house. If you play musical instruments, eg the piano, it would be worth moving this to a different place too.

6 December 2021

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