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I have been looking forward to this weekend for weeks. For the third year running, Lillian Too’s Feng Shui Extravaganza was an on-line event with pre-recorded video presentations, and I spent most of the past weekend (2-4 December) in my office watching. As in previous years, Lillian was joined by her daughter Jennifer, her brother Phillip and her nephew Han Jin. It was a very insightful event and very informative, but I missed Lillian’s live stories and anecdotes that used to make each Extravaganza so special.

Anyway, let me share a summary of Lillian’s predictions:

2023 is going to be a good year. The No 4 Relationship Star dominates the energy of the year, making it a year for romance and love, family harmony, making new friends and networking. It will be a great year to get married.

We have a Lap Chun this year, which brings precious growth energy, but there is a lack of resources and support.

The Paht Chee chart is very unbalanced, which indicates instability and volatility. Things are likely to change quickly, so you need to be flexible and able to adapt swiftly if you want to do well.


These are the main indications for 2023:

  • Earth and metal elements are missing, representing recognition and resources respectively.
  • Wearing precious metals and precious stones will help to balance the chart and make up for the missing elements.
  • There is a lot of wealth and intelligence in the chart (fire and wood elements) but without resources it will be difficult to make that money.
  • In the Day Pillar, Yin Water clashes with Yin Fire, causing problems in relationships between husband and wife and also with peers. Because of this clash, alliances are very important.
  • In the Heavenly Stems, the Yin Fire in the Hour Pillar clashes with Yin Water in the Day and Year Pillars, indicating arguments between children and parents, as well as grandparents, possibly over money.
  • Excess of fire energy however indicates cash flow problems.
  • The self-element of the year is weak Yin Water, which means the majority of people will be willing to cooperate and work together to succeed.

We have the support of some special stars appearing in this year’s Paht Chee chart:

  1. The Warrior Star – generates the warrior spirit within you and gives you staying power. You can use the energy of the Warrior Star to get ahead in whatever it is you want to achieve – a promotion, getting married, getting a pay rise, etc
  2. The Scholastic Brilliance Star – this is helpful for everyone, not just students. It indicates a need for learning new skills and everyone looking for new knowledge can achieve it once you activate this star. It also brings breakthroughs in research and new discoveries
  3. The Good Fortune Star – brings happiness and good fortune, leading to contentment in your life. It also improves work-life balance
  4. The Prosperity Star – helps remove problems related to cashflow but needs to be activated
  5. The Golden Carriage Star – ensures that you can marry well, making it a GOOD year for those who want to get married to tie the knot. (But remember to select a good date!)
  6. The Nobleman Star – brings mentors, helpful people and support from all quarters, indicating that you will be recognised for your good work and help will be available if you need it. This is particularly important and useful for young people who are just starting out in their career. This star also indicates that there will be people who are able to mediate in conflicts

Plus a couple of stars that are not so positive:

  1. The Mountain Marriage Star – which affects couples, as it brings more sensitivity between husband and wife. You need to be more understanding of each other and make an extra effort to make your spouse happy
  2. The Travelling Horse Star – brings more travel in 2023 – and this can be personal travel or work travel – but can also create restlessness and unsettled energies.


This year, the No 4 Relationship Star dominates the chart, which will make the year 2023 more harmonious than the Tiger year. Lillian Too advised that the focus of the year should be relationships and getting along with people. The No 4 Star is the peach blossom star, so 2023 will be a lucky year to get married. It is also the knowledge star, helping with creativity, wisdom and knowledge and improving your productivity. The No 4 Star brings a lot of good influences!

Houses on a North-South axis are very lucky, as well as SW-facing houses. In addition, the No 6 Heaven Star in the WEST is very powerful in 2023.

The afflicted areas are SE, EAST, NE and NW. That means, EAST and NW-facing houses are the two primary houses in need of strong remedies. Especially the No 5 Misfortune Star in the NW must be cured, as this brings danger to the patriarchs and leaders.

The No 9 Star is the most important star in the chart because it is gaining increasing strength as we come closer to the Period of 9, which starts in 2024. Until now, the No 9 Star was considered the Star of Future Prosperity and will turn into the Star of Current Prosperity as we reach Period 9. That means both, the No 8 and the No 9 Stars will bring wealth, although the No 9 Star will be much stronger.

  • WEST – 3 Killings
  • NW – 5 Yellow/Misfortune Star
  • EAST – Tai Sui

Remember to keep these areas quiet and do not carry out any renovations, drilling, knocking or digging here. Even loud music can be a “disturbance” to the energy (and particularly to the Tai Sui), so avoid having parties in these parts of your house.

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5 December 2022

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