Your Luck for the Year of the Earth Dog 2018

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Red RatThe Rat

The Rat is probably the worst off zodiac animal, facing a challenging year. Be prepared to experience misfortune, obstacles and bad luck because you are under the influence of the annual Misfortune Star. You just need to go with the flow. Carry the 5 Element Pagoda Amulet and place a 5 Element Pagoda in your NORTH for protection. The Three Killings also live in the NORTH this year, so you need to appease them with the Three Celestial Guardians.

Your inner strength is weak and your are lacking confidence. Wearing the Life Force Amulet with Double Dorje will give you strength and help you overcome challenges.

Surround yourself with friends this year.

Young Rats should carry a Wish-Granting Amulet to improve their success luck while older Rats should wear a 5 Dzambhala Prayer Wheel to boost their Spirit Essence and Life Force, and twirl it daily.

Place a Bejewelled Wind Horse on your desk to improve your career luck.

To protect your wealth and investments place the Treasue Chests with Snow Lions in your SE.

Life force and spirit essence are very weak.

Health luck:  Average, but bad for 46 and 58 year old Rat. Make sure you eat healthily.

Wealth luck:  Average, but bad for 46 year old Rat. Watch your expenses.

Relationship luck:  Unlikely to be focused.

Success luck:  Very weak.

Red OxThe Ox

A mixed year for the Ox, with great success luck but only if you work hard. This is not a year to relax. You must activate the Big Auspicious Star with treasure chests and let the Dakinis help you to overcome worries over financial instability. Lean on your allies Snake and Rooster who are very strong this year.

You suffer under the aggressive energy of the annual No 3 Star. Make an effort to stay calm or you will easily get involved in nasty arguments or negative gossip at work. Place a Red Apple on your desk to control the Conflict Star and the Bejewelled Tzi Chi Kau or a bowl of red apples in the NE of your home. In addition, carry a Peace & Harmony amulet and be careful who you trust. Luckily, you benefit from the Diplomat Star and you will be able to talk your way out of trouble, as long as you stay calm and not get angry.

Display the 8 Hum Mirror in your NE to subdue the Yearly Killing Star.

Be patient and you will emerge triumphant!

Life force:  Good but spirit essence is weak.

Health luck:  Average – some of you might get mentally stressed over money issues.

Wealth luck:  This is a good time to focus on your finances.

Relationship luck:  Treasure your other half! Stay calm.

Success luck:  Excellent

Red TigerThe Tiger

The Tiger must be careful this year as he/she might become a victim of gossip and slander. The negative influence of the annual No 3 Star is quite severe, so you must watch your temper, avoid office politics and gossip,  and protect yourself with the powerful 10 Hums Amulet. In addition, place a Red Apple on your desk and in the NE of your home. Wearing red will help too! This really is a year to stay safe and focus on protecting yourself. Place crystals in your NE to ease mental stress.

Money luck is promising and money making opportunities will come up during the year, but you are lacking in motivation to pursue wealth.

Look to your ally, the Dog, to boost your luck and activate the Big Auspicious Star with treasure chests and the Earth Seal Star with large crystals in your NE.

Life force and spirit essence:  Very strong

Health luck:  Average – especially the 20 and 68 year old Tigers need to be aware of health problems.

Wealth luck:  Overall good, but not for the 56 year old Tiger.

Relationship luck:  Lots of opportunities for romance.

Success luck:  Weak

The Rabbit

After a tiring year, the Rabbit’s luck is much improved in 2018. Your success luck is very strong and big opportunities are coming your way – make the most of them! Your hard work in the previous years is finally beginning to pay off. You can take risks but still need to be careful and focused.

Please be careful who you trust because the Robbery Star appears in your zodiac location, bringing danger of burglary, theft and deceit – people might be stealing your job, customers, money … For protection, place the Anti-Burglary Mountain or an Anti-Burglary Lumi Tile in your EAST and carry an Anti-Burglary Amulet.

Seize the good luck when you see it coming and don’t waste your time overanalyzing things.

Remember that the Dog is your secret friend and can help enhance your luck. Carry a Dog Amulet to have your secret friend by your side at all times.

You also need to place a Yin House Mirror in your EAST to overcome the Yin House Star which can cause depression and illness. Place the mirror with the mirror facing the outside and the trigram facing the inside.

Life force and spirit essence:  Very good

Health luck:  You might get sick easily, but mostly only with minor illnesses.

Wealth luck:  Good, except for the 55 year old Rabbit. All Rabbits should spend their money wisely.

Relationship luck:  You can enjoy a healthy and active love life!

Success luck:  Very good

Red DragonThe Dragon

The Dragon has no Lung Ta (success luck) this year and because of this he/she cannot fly. You will find it difficult to close deals. Don’t try to achieve too many things or you will set yourself up for disappointment. Strengthen your Lung Ta with a Bejewelled Wind Horse in the SE and activate your secret friend and allies.

You are also in direct conflict with the Tai Sui, the God of the Year, and need to carry a Tai Sui Amulet at all times and place the new Tai Sui Plaque in your NW.

Sitting on the Sui Po Star does not help either; here you need to hang the Hamsa Hand with Evil Eye & Footprint windchime to remedy the negative effects.

Having said that, the Dragon enjoys the hidden blessings of the annual Wealth Star, but wealth luck is difficult to materialize. Activate with Wishfulfilling Jewels and keep your money in a Fu Dog wallet. Carry a Treasure Chest Amulet. Enhance the Big Auspicious Star next to you with Tai Kat Tai Lay (golden Mandarin Orange and golden Pear) in your EAST.

Female Dragons benefit from wearing a Bodhi Leaf necklace or amulet to bring general auspiciousness, prosperity and career luck, while male Dragons should wear King Gesar’s Ring.

Life force is good but spirit essence is low.

Health luck:  Generally good.

Wealth luck:  Generally good.

Relationship luck:  You experience several romantic opportunities!

Success luck:  Very weak L

Red SnakeThe Snake

The Snake can look forward to another great year with excellent prospects thanks to the Heaven Seal Star and the annual Wealth Star. You will enjoy good relationships, career luck and success in business. This is the year to forge new business relationships and realize the business plans you made last year and, if you own your own business, you can even expand overseas. Your success luck is at a peak, so you will be able to achieve great success.

To boost your wealth luck, activate the No 8 Wealth Star with a Wealth Tree, a Mountain of Gold or a set of Treasure Chests with Snow Lion . You can also carry a Treasure Chest Amulet to further enhance your wealth luck. The Heaven Seal can be activated with a Heaven Seal (a large rectangular faceted crystal) placed in the SE which will also bring the support of the Celestial Jade Emperor and protection from the Golden Deities.

You might encounter some problems though brought by the Yearly Conflict Star on your side. Make sure you display the 8 Hums Protection Wheel Mirror in your SE to minimize arguments and enhance friendships.

Life force and spirit essence:  Avarage

Health luck:  Excellent for the 17/77 and 53 year old Snake, but 41 and 29/89 need to be very careful.

Wealth luck:  Good but watch over your expenditures.

Relationship luck:  You are making good progress.

Success luck:  Excellent

Red HorseThe Horse

After a difficult year 2017, the Horse becomes more positive and creates his/her own luck in 2018. New opportunities will be coming but you need to pull yourself up and work harder. You can be brave, but with caution. The annual No 4 Star brings wisdom which can be strengthened with the Luo Han and the Dragon Gate Scholar Amulet.

The Horse desperately needs the help of King Gesar or the Wind Horse to boost success luck this year. Sitting on the Wu Duo Star does not help; counter this affliction with the Lion Faced Dakini placed in the SOUTH.

Although you are facing the annual Three Killings head on, it is still advisable to remedy this affliction with the 3 Celestial Guardians in the NORTH.

Young Horses need to take care of their health and place a Garuda Wu Lou on their bedside table.

Life force and spirit essence:  Neutral

Health luck: Average, you need to make a conscious effort to stay healthy and do more exercise.

Wealth luck:  Not great, better to save money.

Relationship luck:  Good social luck and strong love luck, but be careful.

Success luck:  Weak L

Red SheepThe Sheep

The Sheep will have a very promising year, experiencing a high level of transformational and positive energy. Your success luck is very strong and you enjoy heaven’s blessings brought by the annual Heaven Star. Your excellent Heaven luck will bring you helpful mentors. Even if you suffer minor setbacks, you can overcome them easily.

Your spirit essence is low though, you are lacking confidence and you don’t believe you can succeed – but you will!

Enhance your energy by placing crystal balls on your work desk. You need earth energy to strengthen your life force.

Get the help of your ally, the Rabbit, who is one of the strongest zodiac signs this year, by carrying a Rabbit Amulet and placing a Rabbit figure in the EAST. In addition, place a Bejewelled Wind Horse in your SOUTH to activate the luck of your secret friend, the Horse, and activate your Heaven Luck with the Bejewelled 3 Emperors in the SW.

There will be opportunities coming your way but you will need to stay alert and grab them as they present themselves. Remember that your success luck is strong!

Life force is good but needs to be strengthened with earth energy/crystal balls.

Spirit essence:  weak

Health luck:  Avarage, stay alert to minor illnesses.

Wealth luck:  Overall good with positive outcomes.

Relationship luck:  Stable but can be improved further. Prospects of getting married.

Success luck:  Very good

Red MonkeyThe Monkey

It will be a good year for the monkey and he/she will feel increasingly energized as the year advances. A mentor will come into your life who will help you. You enjoy strong recognition luck which can lead to a promotion. This is further enhanced by the Golden Deity Star; it would be good to enhance this with a deity of your choice, eg Kuan Yin sitting on a Snow Lion.

You need to strengthen your success luck though by placing a Bejewelled Wind Horse or King Gesar in your SOUTH.

The annual Heaven Star brings plenty of good luck and new opportunities. Place the Bejewelled 3 Emperors or a Gui Ren in your SW to activate and carry the Jade Emperor Heaven Amulet to further strengthen your success luck.

There might be some unexpected obstacles blocking your path.

Life force and spirit essence are excellent.

Health luck:  Average

Wealth luck:  Good income luck but bad for 26/86 year old Monkeys.

Relationship luck:  Good, with potential marriage luck!

Success luck:  Very bad – needs to be strengthened with a Wind Horse or King Gesar.

Red RoosterThe Rooster

The luck is certainly changing for the Rooster – for the better! The Rooster is probably the strongest sign this year and can get ready for an excellent time! Your success luck is incredibly strong and everything will run smoothly, especially the material side of your success luck. There will be a huge improvement in your career, work, and business luck, bringing you much happiness. You can take risks in investments, especially in the third quarter of the year.

If you own your own business, you can expand overseas. While you can initiate big plans, taking a long term view on your business plans is recommended.

The Rooster needs to look out for his/her health though because of the annual Illness Star. Suppress the illness energy by placing a Bejewelled Medicine Buddha or a large Garuda Wu Lou in your WEST. You are also advised to carry a Health Amulet and place a Wu Lou on your bedside table.

Unfortunately, there are another couple of stars that bring challenges: the Reducing Energy Star and two Yearly Conflict Stars flanking the WEST. Display the Tara Peacock Mirror on your work desk to counter the Reducing Energy Star and place a bowl of red apples in your living room to dispel the angry conflict energy.

Remember that you are very strong this year, so these afflictions will not bring you down.

Life force and spirit essence:  Excellent

Health luck:  Generally good, except for the 37 and 49 year old Rooster. Remember to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Wealth luck:  Good, with positive outcomes, except for the 25/85 year old Roosters.

Relationship luck:  Quiet but promising.

Success luck:  Excellent

Red DogThe Dog

Overall an average year for the Dog and good prospects for moving forward in your career. You enjoy the luck of the annual Victory Star which will help you to achieve a number of small victories throughout the year. Be brave in initiating expansion plans. Carry the Dog Charm to create different sources of good luck, and the Victory Banner Amulet to jumpstart your career. The Annual Crest Amulet 2018 will also be helpful.

Make sure you carry a Tai Sui Amulet and place the Tai Sui Plaque 2018 on your desk and in your home so you can enjoy the support of the Tai Sui this year.

Activate your secret friend by placing a Rabbit in your NW and strengthen your success luck with a Wind Horse, King Gesar or the Victory Banner. Do not take any unneccessary risks.

Subdue the Yearly Conflict Star next to you by placing the Bejewelled Tzi Chi Kau in your WEST and enhance the Small Auspicious Star on your other side with two Golden Pears.

Life force is good but spirit essence is low.

Health luck:  Getting better. You are feeling energized.

Wealth luck:  Excellent for the 48 year old Dog and very good for the 24 year old Dog, average for the others.

Relationship luck:  Wonderful prospects of love!

Success luck:  Weak

Red BoarThe Boar

The Boar can enjoy minor victories and small but meaningful achievements in 2018, which will lead to big success in his/her own year 2019! Things will not always work out the way you want them to but do not let this affect your confidence. Go with the flow and try to stay focused and motivated.

Concentrate on the positive stars around you. Display the 5 Element Banner of Victory in your NW to enhance the annual Victory Star and carry a Victory Banner Amulet or a Wind Horse Amulet to activate your success luck. You can also use a King Gesar Plaque. Activate the Small Auspicious Star next to you with Tai Kat Tai Lay or two Golden Pears.

Unfortunately, the Three Killings is located on your other side so you need to subdue these with the Three Celestial Guardians in your NORTH.

The Boar is also sitting on a Robbery Star which means you ought to carry an Anti-Burglary Amulet and place an Anti-Burglary Lumi Tile in your NW windows. Alternatively, use Anti-Burglary stickers.

Make sure you carry a 10 Hums Keychain Amulet to keep you safe from harm.

Life force and spirit essence are weak.

Health luck:  Danger of serious illness for the 11/71 year old Boar. Take care of your food intake.

Wealth luck:  Generally good, except for the 35 year old Boar.

Relationship luck:  Average

Success luck:  Very good

Source: Llillian Too’s Feng Shui Extravaganza 2018

15 January 2018


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