Red Prosperity Elephant
Red Prosperity Elephant
This beautiful Red Prosperity Elephant carries a treasure vase to symbolise riches and wealth. In addition, it features the Wealth Amulet on one side to attract wealth and prosperity luck and the Anti-Conflict Amulet on the other side to make sure there will be no arguments because of money matters. This gorgeous elephant is also a powerful cure for the No 3 Conflict Star as well as a wonderful wealth enhancer to unlock the hidden wealth potential of the year 2023. In 2023 display in the SE of your home. [spacer height="20px"]
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Red Prosperity Elephant Amulet front
Red Prosperity Elephant Amulet
This beautiful elephant with trunk down carrying a treasure vase on its back will attract riches, prosperity and peace. The additional round amulet features the Wealth Amulet on one side to attract wealth and prosperity luck and the Anti-Conflict amulet on the other side to make sure you will not have any arguments because of money matters. It is also a perfect remedy for the No 3 Conflict Star, which afflicts the Dragon and Snake this year, and a wonderful wealth enhancer at the same time to unlock the hidden wealth potential of the year. Simply clip this Red Prosperity Elephant amulet to your keys or bag if you wish to activate happiness and prosperity – the two types of luck needed for long-lasting wealth. [spacer height="20px"]
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Anti-Burglary Plaque 2023
Anti-Burglary Plaque 2023
The Blue Elephant and Rhino pair featured on this plaque are a strong team to protect your home from the dangers of the No 7 Robbery and Loss Star. The plaque also features the powerful Anti-Burglary Amulet, which will counter the negative energies of the No 7 Star including betrayal, financial losses and big, unexpected expenses, as well as burglary and theft which can often be associated with violence. In 2023, place in the NE of your home – especially if you have a door or window in the NE. [spacer height="20px"]
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Tai Sui Card 2023 front
Tai Sui Card 2023
The Tai Sui is the God of the Year, also known as the Grand Duke Jupiter, who takes charge of all matters related to earth and mankind during the current year. The Tai Sui is based on a historic person and every year there is a new God bestowed with the role of the Tai Sui. It is important to show respect to the Tai Sui in order to gain his support. To do this, you must avoid confronting him or disturbing him, or else he will punish you by bringing misfortune or throwing obstacles in your way. Therefore, it is wise NOT to sit facing the Tai Sui and to keep his area quiet. The Tai Sui always shares his location with the zodiac animal of the year. This means, in 2023 the Tai Sui lives in the EAST location, the home of the Rabbit. [spacer height="20px"]
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Anti-Illness Amulet Card square
Anti-Illness Amulet Card
A beautiful floral design is the backdrop of this Anti-Illness Amulet Card, which is engraved with secret mantras that will protect you from contagious diseases. It is the perfect size to fit into your purse or wallet so you can easily keep it near you at all times, creating an aura of protection around you. Don’t go anywhere without it as it will shield you from illness of all kinds and safeguard your continued good health. The front and the back of this Anti-Illness Amulet Card feature the same auspicious design. In 2023, highly recommended for:
  • The oldest son because he is directly afflicted by the Illness Star in 2023.
  • People born in the Year of the Rabbit, as they too are directly afflicted by the Illness Star in 2023.
  • Persons with bedroom or office in the EAST.
  • Residents of EAST-facing homes.
  • Anyone who already suffers from bad health.
[spacer height="20px"] Measurements: approx. W 8.5cm x H 5.3cm [spacer height="20px"]
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