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Bejewelled Mandarin Ducks
A pair of Mandarin Ducks is another ancient and well-known symbol of love that has been used in Feng Shui for an eternity. Mandarin Ducks are always displayed as a pair to symbolise a strong and happy marriage. Displaying a pair of these ducks in the SW or in the sector that is home to the Romance Star will promote a strong bond between husband and wife. At the same time, they will also attract love and romance for those who are single and looking for love. This beautiful pair of Mandarin Ducks therefore makes a potent love enhancer, and also a most auspicious wedding gift to wish the couple a long and happy marriage. [spacer height="20px"]
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Elephant & Rhino with Ksitigarbha Staff Amulet
This amulet features the traditional cure for the No 7 Robbery & Loss Star – the Blue Elephant & Rhino – as well as the Anti-Burglary Amulet and Anti-Betrayal Amulet. In addition, Ksitigarbha’s Staff is included to protect against natural disasters and events outside your control. In 2024, the No 7 Star has flown into the SOUTH sector, which is also afflicted by the Natural Disaster Star, an additional danger brought by the 24 Mountains. The SOUTH is an important sector because it is the home of the Direct Spirit in the new Period 9. [spacer height="20px"]
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3 Celestial Guardians Amulet
The Three Killings are one of the annual afflictions that are not to be taken lightly and need to be taken care of. They bring 3 types of misfortune:
  • Loss of wealth
  • Loss of your good name/reputation, and
  • Loss of a loved person
In 2024, the Three Killings afflict the SOUTH sector, which is also the home of the annual No 7 Burglary & Loss Star. With the start of the new Period of 9, the SOUTH is a very important sector, as it houses the Direct Spirit of the new period. This is another reason why the SOUTH must be protected and any afflictions must be subdued. [spacer height="20px"]
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Padlock of Love
Padlocks are excellent symbols of “locking in” what you have and treasure. They show commitment, strength and constancy. As we enter the new Period of 9, which brings with it an enormous energy shift, it is natural to be concerned about the danger of losing what you already have, what you have worked hard for to accumulate over the years. Therefore, an important part of safeguarding your luck is to preserve what you have and protect your possessions. And this includes protecting your most important relationship. The Padlock of Love features a pair of Mandarin Ducks, universal symbols of a strong and happy marriage/relationship, and the Chinese talisman for love and marriage on the back. [spacer height="20px"]
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Pink Peony
The Peony flower is one of the best Feng Shui symbols to enhance love and romance. It is one of the most sensual flowers with a delicious scent and is often considered a metaphor for female beauty. The blossoming peonies also signify growth and encourage positive feelings. All the symbols in this print blend together beautifully, evoking a feeling of beauty, grace and sensuality, while the floral patterns and Singapore-style shophouse in the background add a sense of romance and nostalgia. From S$440.00 Please note that the “BUY PRODUCT” button will take you straight to Louise Hill’s website where you can purchase the artwork. [spacer height="20px"]